Satan distracts

Subtle Satan in the garden
sought to draw them by deceit
from obedience, simple trust in
their Creator’s words complete.
Open opposition leaves us
unprepared for subtle lies,
small additions, deviations:
Satan counterfeits, beguiles.

Mere pretence and outward acting
cause confusion, disrespect;
many heresies then flourish: –
who are truly God’s elect?
Saints themselves may be distracted,
and entangled by such things,
scattered, arguing, neglecting
gospel truth that Jesus brings.

Trials show up false religion,
hills of problems make it plain
whether gold is real, or rather
glittering but fake and vain.
Has God’s Word been deeply rooted,
Christ, the Lord obeyed, confessed,
Life received that still will flourish
even better when oppressed?

How to stand

Ephesians 6:10-18
Stand up for truth, be counted;
stand, and be unafraid
of taunts, and persecutions:
no need to be dismayed;
for though it is not easy,
and cowards will not try,
– Christ’s strength is all-sufficient
temptations to defy.

Don’t try to stand for Jesus
with one foot in the world; –
you’ll stumble or you’ll crumble
when Satan’s darts are hurled.
Against the wiles of Satan
if you would like to stand,
then take and wear the armour
Christ has at his command.

Don’t slouch along the pathway,
or soon you’ll drift away:
for only those determined
will keep upon the Way.
Stand strengthened in the Saviour,
with righteousness and truth,
salvation and the gospel,
the Word of God and faith.
Tune: 76 76 D eg Morning Light by G J Webb

Supplies for the race

Each day we have need of supplies of fresh grace,
new problems confront us each lap of the race.
New problems can seem insurmountable, so
we’re tempted to feel God can’t help any more.

My work seems so useless, – is God yet my Guide?
That task is impossible – Satan’s implied.
He loves to discourage, bring words of despair,
and question the profit of trusting and prayer.

For though I’m a failure, to Christ I can come
for grace of forgiveness, and grace to press on.
So pray, and be willing for all he decides,
and trust, and keep walking by grace as he guides.

Keep living by grace, don’t let bitterness grow,
and care for you brethren who heaviness know;
for bitterness causes fault-finding and strife,
makes others discouraged in battles of life.
Tune: 11 11. 11 11 eg My Jesus I love Thee by E F Miller

Greater is he that is in you …

The devil lies, and tries to make
the Christian’s peace and trust to break,
but God protects, for Jesu’s sake.

And Jesus prays in heaven still,
and firmly holds his sheep, until
they leave this world, and meet no ill.

Believe and study all God’s Word,
you’ll own a shield and precious sword;
be strong, and fight with strength from God.

The devil’s power was broken when
Christ bore God’s wrath against our sin, –
soon Satan into fire he’ll fling.
Tune: 888 iambic eg St Aidan by F R Grey

The prayer of a righteous man …

(on James 5:17,18    Psalm 33:10;  55:9)
The righteous, justified, will learn
God’s will, know how to pray.
Their prayers prevail, events will turn
to thwart the wicked’s way,
unveil the lies they say,
foil Satan’s schemes and break his sway.

Restrained by judgments troublesome,
some still will not give heed;
but others hear God’s Words, and come,
and pray his help in need,
– deluded captives freed
from guilt and folly, dangerous greed.
Tune: 868668

Satan’s schemes

We’ll encounter opposition,
– in Christ prepare;
persecution and oppression,
upheld by prayer!
Satan schemes to cause division,
disappointment and confusion.
We have plentiful provision –
armour to wear.

For his hateful, evil purpose
(watch! be aware!)
is to spoil your joy and witness, –
learn, and prepare!
To your eyes he brings distraction –
hindering your contribution:
recognise his sly deception:
Christians take care!

Enemy to be avoided:
schemeing – beware!
Use the shield and sword provided:
Christians, prepare!
When you’re weary, feel defeated,
from God’s path you’ve deviated,
with God’s Word you aren’t excited:
spend time in prayer.

Satan sowing pride and smugness,
(saints should beware!)
doubt and envy nurture sadness:
bow down in prayer.
Needing mercy, – where is boasting?
Word of God believe, obeying;
power of Christ in never-failing:
Satan beware!!
Tune: Ar hyd y nos

Standing against Satan’s schemeing

(Ephesians 6:10-13)
In Jesus Christ be strong,
stand firm in his great might,
well-armed, for all day long
with Satan we must fight.
Defeated foe,
doomed enemy,
now hates to see
God’s kingdom grow.

He’s for a while allowed
to trouble, and with skill
he schemes to make us proud,
displease our God, do ill;
and knowing where
we’re weak, he tries
by clever lies
to tempt or scare.

The fellowship of saints
refines away their dross,
but Satan spreads complaints, –
he likes us to be cross.
He sets a snare
to make us trip,
from prayer to slip,
and doubt God’s care
[Tune: Millennium 6666 88]

and for children

Quietly, cleverly,
sweet and sly,
hear him lie,
tempt you into sins so small,
so to big ones soon to fall. –
Shun the tempter’s way,
read God’s Word and pray.

All the day, all you say,
all you do, should be true.
Don’t deceive, be cross, unkind,
careful how you use your mind:
watch, take care, and pray,
walk the narrow way.

What a fool, when at school,
giving in, doing sin.
Other children haven’t heard
clear teaching from God’s Word.
Think what’s right to do, –
some may copy you!