The History of the Universe

A skill above the mind of man
designing genes, supernal plan:
he came, becoming touchable,
removing guilt immovable.

But now, we see much bad still mixed
among the good – its end is fixed:
no saga-crisis fictional,
but certain future rational.

Not then a baby known by few –
acknowledged Sovereign in full view,
receiving all the honour due.

Great Expectations

Mark 13
Great expectations: hope wonderful, sure.
Jesus returning, great joy evermore.
Before his departure, he’d told them and warned,
of judgement, for he’d been rejected and scorned,
Their temple would then be destroyed, for fulfilled
its cermonies, symbols – true Sacrifice killed.
This gospel would spread first to nations afar,
so they could receive his salvation before
his judgement extends throughout all the earth,
removing all evil, and sickness, and death.
Reminded by earthquakes, and wars, that life’s short,
– yet few would prepare, though the way had been taught:

King Christ comes in glory, he gathers up all
his people, while galaxies shake, their stars fall.