Who can make a planet?

A Being supernatural
can make a flower or planet,
and yes, he chose to make this place,
– it was his Word began it.
He didn’t need a million years
to make the earth and man it.
It wasn’t chance designed my brain,
and only he can scan it; –
this great salvation he procured,
– and offers, don’t decline it.

The prayer of a righteous man …

(on James 5:17,18    Psalm 33:10;  55:9)
The righteous, justified, will learn
God’s will, know how to pray.
Their prayers prevail, events will turn
to thwart the wicked’s way,
unveil the lies they say,
foil Satan’s schemes and break his sway.

Restrained by judgments troublesome,
some still will not give heed;
but others hear God’s Words, and come,
and pray his help in need,
– deluded captives freed
from guilt and folly, dangerous greed.
Tune: 868668

Hebrews 12:2

Attentively look to the Saviour, –
he authored the faith in your heart,
(and is its perfecter, sustainer),
– depend on him, never depart.

On him, alone,
his lordship and praises make known;
keep following Jesus,
learn from him, and trust him alone.

All glory to him now in heaven, –
the glory we one day will share;
now glimpses of glory are given,
as faith receives answers to prayer.

Christ Jesus endured, persevering,
– the path back to glory brought pain;
through faith we’re preserved when we’re struggling,
– our eyes fixed on him to sustain.
Tune: 98 98 + Redeemed by W J Kirkpatrick 436 Grace

for his glory …

God’s child should want his honour
and humbly ask in prayer
what seems will bring him glory,
and ask that more will share
the blessings of the gospel,
though this may bring them pain
– the pruning by God’s Spirit
that leads to priceless gain.

A heart that loves God’s honour
communes with God in prayer,
is upright, honest, contrite,
and knows that God will hear;
gives time and thought and effort
to pray and learn God’s ways,
and asks for what will truly
bring righteousness and praise.
Tune; 76 76 D Salvatori by Salvatore Ferretti  or Nettleton (American Melody)

‘Your will be done’

James 4:2,3  Matthew 6:10
Our God does not act when we’d like,
and as we think he should, –
but do we ask, and pray, and want
our King to work much good?

‘You do not have from God because,
you don’t ask for what will
bring honour, glory to his name
his saving work fulfil.’

We must not be complacent in
the days of little things,
content when apathy abounds,
and few repent of sins.

‘You do not have from God because,
you don’t ask for what will
demand some sacrifice, and tasks
for which you’ve little skill.’

And those that pray in faith, submit
to costly, risky toil
in seeking to make known God’s Word
– from such do I recoil?

‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done
on earth as now in heaven,
and touch our lips with wisdom, as
we live as we are bidden.’

Expect great things from God for he
his foes will all subdue,
and countless numbers will give praise,
(his people won’t be few).

‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done
on earth as now in heaven,
and all we need to wisely serve
be daily to us given.’

Tune: DCM eg Satisfaction by J McGranahan (572 Grace)
(tune of ‘O Christ, in Thee my soul hath found’)

A new year

Ages pass by – earth’s treasures all decay;
all Christ’s creation longs to see his day;
but constantly the eye of faith can see
your plan unfolds, O holy Trinity.

I do not know what way before me lies;
but this I know, my God is wholly wise;
each one Christ bought is precious in His plan:
the peace of God can be enjoyed by man!

Faith, hope and love – may these adorn me here:
God’s gifts to keep me from all fretting fear;
I’ll seek his help his Word to understand,
his will to see, obeying each command.

Trials and joys, in turn this year may bring;
I’ll leave it all to Christ, redeeming King.
I only ask he’ll watch with constant care,
and guide me by his Spirit everywhere.
Tune: 10 10 10 10

(This has been published in Praise hymn book no. 235,
and was based, loosely on a Welsh hymn,
‘Tad tragwyddoldeb, plygaf ger dy fron’ by T J Pritchard)