The Evolutionary-creation Myths

There once was a myth that mutations
could create DNA permutations
of life systems viable
beautiful, reliable:
they corrupt, can’t improve information.

There once was a myth of long ages
to help evolutionary stages,
but the methods of dating
have faults, indicating
more likely are far shorter ranges.

There once was a myth that the buried
fossils were but slowly smothered –
if not quickly engulfed in the ground
then scavengers soon would have found,
them, their pieces thus broken and scattered.

So the rocks show the signs of catastrophe,
laid down by a flood of activity
or volcanic eruption
and sudden destruction:
a devastating time of calamity.

There once was a myth that ‘pooh-poohed’
that such intricate nature only would
be created, designed
by a far greater mind
and power, than ‘chance’ ever could.

There once was a myth of a gradual
emergence, from nothing, of animal
and plant life evolving,
the improbables resolving
by assumption of aeons multi-millennial.
and some means yet unknown to be causal.

What’s the odds

Was it really by some luck
from a mixed and murky muck
of chemical soup,
that these sequences specific
of multiple atomic
precise, complex arrangements
somehow stuck?

able to initiate
molecular constructions
which twisted and consisted
in contortions,
that protected, and reacted
for energy production,
survival, respiration,
with nanosized machinery
to preserve, repair
from the wear and tear
on polymers delicate and intricate – ?

It must have been
an infinite string
of unlikely and co-incident,
colossal and incredible
strokes of luck improbable
again, again, again, again … … … ?

Or a genius skill
and supernatural will
with power to combine
what would otherwise decline,
imagined and designed,
and could gather, build and bind
bring together
all at once
this awesome architecture,
of the structure and the business
of the chemistry
of life?

No more ‘junk DNA’

The ‘brain’ of each cell
has DNA-genes,
chemical coding
builds, guides its ‘machines’.

“Ninety-eight percent
useless junk”, they thought,
“– evolution’s left-overs
it’s use is now nought”.

– “Mistakes of mutations”,
they used to say,
“in bringing its benefits,
has made junk DNA.”


But now it’s revealed
it’s all much more complex:
amazed as they’re finding
that nothing seems surplus.

The control is more intricate
of all this ‘machinery’
than Dawkins predicted
from Darwinian theory.

‘We’re at the beginning
of a very long road
of finding the layers
of pathways untold.’

Geneticists say
they now are more humble.
– Upgrading a cell looks
an impossible gamble.

Mutations cause mischief
in genetic activity,
like a bug in my laptop
won’t improve its ability.

There’s plenty of scope
for small variation:
some struggle, some flourish
by natural selection;

but differences large,
of new, useful function,
have come from creation,
not random mutation.

The Great Flood

Catastrophic flooding, pouring, pushing,
40 days and nights still raining,
water underground emerging, rushing
sediment stirred up by crushing
rocks and soil and vegetation,
then engulfing
many creatures, fossilising
by pressured hardening
before there could be
damaging scavenging:
patterns petrified in stone:
footprints, feathers, bone;

Message had for long been known,
foretold to warn,
the refuge built, prepared,
but many chose to scorn,
refuse the offered ark;

such flood as this had been
would nevermore be seen
– the promise of the rainbow;
– but lesser floods may come and go,
and everyone of us face death,
but not this vast destruction of the earth;
so while we’ve breath,
we must not live as they did
in wickedness and violence,
rebelliousness, and malice,
corruption, misery, and lovelessness.
Be ready for the transient grave,
submissive to the pardoning God
who for eternity can save.
“On that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.” Genesis 7:11

The Great Delusion

“Everyone believes it! – it must be true!”
“Scientists have proven it!”
– No!, that they cannot do!
some may feel that it fits quite well,
and quite determined now to tell
you that it must be so,
– “the missing facts we soon will know” –
they say.
But many know the evidence,
fits very well, and makes good sense,
with words of God that he made all,
but then withdrew some good control,
when people he’d created chose
to live rejecting his good laws.
There now will one day have to be
removal of all wickedness,
and then his skill supreme we’ll see,
as all is healed, works perfectly.

So, what’s concluded, who’s deluded?
Their theory makes no demands,
[– keep fit, no morals, no commands],
– an easier life? but is it true?
God says we all are in his view,
and he’s amazed, amused, and sad,
that many think that he is bad    ,
– in kindness, he will urge, provide,
and welcomes all who will decide
to search him out, and swallow pride.

The Limitations of Science to study the past

Science is investigation
of recorded information,
experimenting, testing theories,
giving thought to awkward queries,
and alternative suggestions,
never jumping to conclusions.

When considering the past,
science has got limitations,
looks for traces that remain,
tries to think what they may mean. –

Many fossils show death-agony,
speaking of a great catastrophe,
which makes calculations harder
for we must admit, with wonder,
age-assessment needs more knowledge,
since the modes of rock formation,
and the rates of degradation
of the chemicals we measure,
may have varied in such epochs;
also content of the rocks
when first formed, cannot be known;

– tree-trunk-fossils crossing strata
show how quickly rocky matter
was laid down around to bury them;

in some ‘fossils’ they are finding
protein, tissue still surviving,
bone unfossilised – impossible
if they’d lain there for a multiple
of millions and millions of years.

What framework for interpretation
fits this new accumulation
of unearthed facts, – Darwin’s suggestion,
or the Creator’s revelation? –
the former brings no obligation,
the latter duty and salvation.

How many molecular switches in your brain?

How many stars in the Milky Way?
How many nerve links in part of my brain?
How many switches, – well, now they can say
more than the number of computers and routers,
and internet connections all over the earth,
a thousand times more than that number of stars,
– and all so transportable, useful, compact,
– amazing, impossible, miraculous fact!
(ref: “Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth” – news.cnet)


This earth was perfect, now it’s flawed,
perfection soon will be restored,
but now uncertain are the days,
and troubles rise in many ways,
so we must turn our eyes upon
him who can help, neglected One;

instead of anger for what’s come,
no longer help and mercy shun,
for soon he will take death away –
we need to pray before that day
to him who is a King who can
forgive and rescue mortal man.


Intricacy of living tissue!
Atoms of differing weights and activity,
linked to make molecules high in complexity,
ordered, and structured, and placed in the cell
where they’ll meet when they should, slow down or compel
different reactions, interactions on cue,
with multiple triggered effects when they’re due.

Like keys and their locks making contact,
when chemicals correctly impact,
their functional purpose is altered and changed,
as groupings of atoms attract, rearranged.
The chemical drawings, and intricate stages
of all that goes on would take pages and pages
to detail, explain, and we never could fully
describe the controls, and the programming truly,
the transport and switches within each small cell,
positioning within each minute organelle.

So that light can be ‘seen’,
or a scent can be smelt,
our dinner transformed,
and our blood pumped and warmed.

Computer and factory:
fragility sustained,
arrangements maintained:
precise, and particular,
awesome, spectacular,

‘Billions of years’ ???

‘Millions of years’ – who says?
‘Billions of years’ – who knows?
There aren’t any ways to test
these ages, but why have they guessed
that there haven’t been changes in the rate
of reactions they use to fix the date?
The rocks show us creatures suddenly smothered
in silt, and engulfed in mud, and covered.
And aeons of time
won’t create design:
no statistical gamble
with molecular jumble
produces a programme,
the genes of a human.