Testimony to personal release

“O son, you know my life was such a mess,
– brought others, and myself distress;
you know things now are so much better,
since, by God’s grace, I broke that fetter,
and found the freedom for a life
that doesn’t injure children, wife;
and so you know why now I urge
you, – follow his good ways, and purge
away temptations fierce, by grace,
(the things you saw your Dad embrace),
and care for family and friends,
with work, and trust, and make amends
where possible, for wrong, but pray,
– for God’s full pardon none can pay,
procured by Christ on that good day;
and with his Spirit’s help his way
you’ll walk, in freedom, loving all
these precious guidelines, firm foundation.
So study his communication
beneficial, – you’ll not fall,
as I did into deadly thrall.”

based on passages like Proverbs 1:1-19; 4:1-17