Pure Heart (Calon Lan)

Do not long to live in plenty,
life of ease, or worldly fame;
pray a happy heart of beauty,
cleansed from selfishness and shame.

Heart that’s filled with love and goodness –
holy heart is wholly His,
such will ever sing with gladness:
foretaste of eternal bliss.

If I wanted wealth that’s passing
soon it flies, or wastes away;
this I ask brings profit lasting –
sweeten, cleanse my heart each day.

Honest heart I cannot purchase –
mighty Saviour can bestow,
and can daily grant forgiveness,
washing, causing love to grow.

This is based on the Welsh words of  ‘Calon Lân’ by Mr Daniel James
Tune: 87 87 D eg Calon Lân by John Hughes

This is based on the Welsh hymn often sung at Rugby Internationals.
Do they think of the meaning of the words??

on Romans 5:8

Jesus died upon a cross.
Why? What for? for who? for us
we had nothing to commend,
no desire to be God’s friend;
sinners unendearing, no
power to change, to better do –
but his love, great grace procured
through this death that he endured.

He who sent his Son for this,
cleanses, draws, receive his kiss –
he’s then able to preserve,
hold us when we slip or swerve,
mould, prepare us for his heaven –
grace continues when once given.
Is our love like his for us
– reaching out to others thus?

(Tune: 77 77D)

Out of Blind Bondage

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:13,14
Bondage in the darkness, under Satan’s sway,
slavery, dominion; – no desire to pray:
gospel light unseen, and all that’s for our good:
blinded to our blindness: truth misunderstood.

Under Satan’s thumb; ‘at peace’ we thought, deceived.
Satan cannot love; his malice unperceived.
No co-operation with the rescue-bid:
willing to remain, content with all we did.

Brought into the kingdom of the Son he loves;
finding freedom, for new sight, delights he gives.
And this freedom is a willing bondage to
what we now appreciate, and want to do!

Tune: 65 65 D

“What is man that you are mindful of him?”

Hebrews 2:9 and Psalm 8
Stars of the universe
remind us that the Lord
is powerful, wise, and should by all
be worshipped and adored.
LORD, what is man to you –
why have you for us cared?
though for a while we’ve been brought low,
salvation you prepared.

Created capable
of feats, with dignity;
now all man does gets marred by sin,
greed and stupidity.
Jesus took low estate
to suffer in our place;
he’s crowned with glory, those in him
are lifted up by grace.

The angels always praise,
they serve, – but not as heirs.
In Christ we’re raised again as sons:
God’s image he restores.
Jesus we see now crowned;
and taste his victory:
beloved, and valuable, soon
we’ll please him perfectly.
Tune: SMD eg Leominster by George W Martin arr Arthur S Sullivan

Love for God

For you know I love you, Saviour,
know I love you, mighty Lord;
love you more than any other
thing I ever have adored:
this bears witness,
this bears witness
to your work upon my soul.

From where came these new desires?
What gives life to heart and mind?
Things I once despised, I long for, –
and delighted when I find.
Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus,
this is all what you have done.

Glory is the goal I aim for,
holy heaven, happy home;
mighty Holy Spirit made me
child of God, and bids me come;
and I want to,
and I want to
serve and worship God above.

This song is a loose translation of a Welsh hymn,
“’Rwy’n dy garu, Ti a’i gwyddost” by William Williams, Pantycelyn

Loving Redemption applied

(1 John 3:1)
With love amazing, – quite beyond
my power to comprehend, –
he took me from my foolish ways,
and made me his dear friend!

Behold! and look what kind of love –
astonished as we see –
what love he’s lavished on vile souls –
immense and rich and free!

To be adopted, children dear,
though once at enmity,
awaiting great and glorious days –
that blest eternity.

The world may think we’re fools, deceived, –
they do not see how great
the humble, suffering, risen Christ, –
nor know how good our state.

We know we are his children now
though hard may be our path.
In love he sent his only Son
to save us from just wrath.

For deep the change that he has wrought
within our sinful hearts;
we hate ensnaring sin, and love
the grace that Christ imparts.

He has not promised easy ways: –
he wants his sons to grow
in faith and godliness, – his love
ourselves to others show.

But he has promised he will work
our good, and not allow
except what trials he thinks fit, –
his grace we’ll always know.

The Son of God we soon will see,
for Jesus will appear,
and take us to our Father’s throne,
removing every tear.

What love amazing! for he gave
the Son he loved so well,
and what atonement cost the Son
and Father, who can tell?