No more ‘junk DNA’

The ‘brain’ of each cell
has DNA-genes,
chemical coding
builds, guides its ‘machines’.

“Ninety-eight percent
useless junk”, they thought,
“– evolution’s left-overs
it’s use is now nought”.

– “Mistakes of mutations”,
they used to say,
“in bringing its benefits,
has made junk DNA.”


But now it’s revealed
it’s all much more complex:
amazed as they’re finding
that nothing seems surplus.

The control is more intricate
of all this ‘machinery’
than Dawkins predicted
from Darwinian theory.

‘We’re at the beginning
of a very long road
of finding the layers
of pathways untold.’

Geneticists say
they now are more humble.
– Upgrading a cell looks
an impossible gamble.

Mutations cause mischief
in genetic activity,
like a bug in my laptop
won’t improve its ability.

There’s plenty of scope
for small variation:
some struggle, some flourish
by natural selection;

but differences large,
of new, useful function,
have come from creation,
not random mutation.

It’s time to pray!

(cf 2 Chronicles 20:12)
No prayer without a sense of need,
a sense of weakness makes us plead,
in bafflement we intercede,
and truly pray.

Do you believe he’ll hear and care?
does he delight to answer prayer?
in every problem, anywhere,
be sure to pray.

And has he power and wisdom, skill
his Shepherd purpose to fulfil?
do we desire he’ll work his will,
and have we prayed?

Be sure to turn each need and fear
to Him, they all to him are dear,
and our appeal he wants to hear,
our child-like prayer.

We do not know what he will do,
in ways unseen by me and you,
so look to him to see things through,
but always pray.

Tune: 888 4 eg In Memoriam (‘By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored … Until he come’)