How to stand

Ephesians 6:10-18
Stand up for truth, be counted;
stand, and be unafraid
of taunts, and persecutions:
no need to be dismayed;
for though it is not easy,
and cowards will not try,
– Christ’s strength is all-sufficient
temptations to defy.

Don’t try to stand for Jesus
with one foot in the world; –
you’ll stumble or you’ll crumble
when Satan’s darts are hurled.
Against the wiles of Satan
if you would like to stand,
then take and wear the armour
Christ has at his command.

Don’t slouch along the pathway,
or soon you’ll drift away:
for only those determined
will keep upon the Way.
Stand strengthened in the Saviour,
with righteousness and truth,
salvation and the gospel,
the Word of God and faith.
Tune: 76 76 D eg Morning Light by G J Webb

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