Satan distracts

Subtle Satan in the garden
sought to draw them by deceit
from obedience, simple trust in
their Creator’s words complete.
Open opposition leaves us
unprepared for subtle lies,
small additions, deviations:
Satan counterfeits, beguiles.

Mere pretence and outward acting
cause confusion, disrespect;
many heresies then flourish: –
who are truly God’s elect?
Saints themselves may be distracted,
and entangled by such things,
scattered, arguing, neglecting
gospel truth that Jesus brings.

Trials show up false religion,
hills of problems make it plain
whether gold is real, or rather
glittering but fake and vain.
Has God’s Word been deeply rooted,
Christ, the Lord obeyed, confessed,
Life received that still will flourish
even better when oppressed?

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