Opportunities and Opposition

Acts 19:8-41
Great opportunities to spread the Word,
great opposition when it’s heard
by those who do not want to change,
which is so sad, and very strange,
and then they often tell such lies,
about the message they despise,
and get more angry if their purse
grows light because of righteousness,
for some want just an easy brush
with truth, a gloss that will not touch
the core, the heart, their life’s direction,
and some would like to use his name
to give them honour, skill and fame.

Trumpkin meets Aslan

(based on a passage from Prince Caspian)
With hint of roar, ‘Now, where’s that one
who has so firmly said,
he hasn’t seen, does not believe
in lions – I must be dead!’

Devoid of speech, with trembling knees,
attracted, yet with fear,
he thought to flee, but tumbled on,
– he had to hope, come near.

The Lion pounced, with tender hold,
he tossed him in the air,
and deftly caught and put him down, –
‘now, would you really care

to be my friend, and I be yours?’
and Trumpkin gulped, and stuttered
acceptance, he had found a King
whose love could not be bettered.

Running away

They run away and shake a fist.
They do not want him to exist.
[not understanding him aright,
– deficiency of knowledge, sight.]

But when they see him come, one day,
they’ll realise they can’t run away,
or hide, and wish they had come near
before, repentantly, for grace
and welcome, when they need not fear,
only submit, and listen, learn,
so that with joy they’d see his face.

Psalm 9: 1,2

Wholehearted praise,
through all my days;
look on his ways,
reflective gaze:

his great creation,
and preservation,
gracious salvation,

We taste each day
help as we pray,
by grace we stay,
and want his way;

his love has taught,
our life he’s bought,
and so we sought,
our love he caught.

I need not fear
when you are near,
from guilt I’m clear,
in Christ, I’m dear;

and so rejoice
in heart and voice,
pardoned and glad,
cannot be sad.

Now songs will swell,
from hearts so full,
his church will tell,
and praise full well.