John 9

The blind man could see: what amazed him the most –
the colours, the animals, plants, sky and host
of faces unknown (he had always been blind),
– or, who this man was, with such skill and so kind?

The leaders were angry and chose not to see,
they threatened, ridiculed, disowned him, but he
from heeding, obeying, increasingly saw
the truth about One who blind eyes could restore.

Thrown out of their midst, truth discarded for lies;
sought out by the Saviour who’d opened his eyes,
perceived Jesus now as Messiah and Lord;
the Pharisees’ pride made them shut out God’s Word.

Important to listen, consider and pray,
give thought to his words when he shows you his Way;
the threats and opinions of men do not fear:
more precious a Saviour who always stays near.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 St Luke

Why did he say … he is the Light? (1)

Jesus said,
‘I am the Light of the world’ –
when the blinds on your vision are furled
that Light can enlighten perception and puzzles –
and points to its source in the glory that dazzles –
the glory of God in his power and his purity,
his wisdom and love that perceives all with clarity.

But some want to keep blinds opaque all unfurled –
mistakenly think that the Light of the world
will trick them, make miserable, jollity hurled
far away – but whoever lets in this true Light
progresses with joy through this troublesome night.

Why did he say … he is the Bread? (2)

Our bodies need their fuel food
to grow and mend, survive, feel good,
but souls will not live well for ever
unless they too are fed with Bread
that gives eternal life, sustains,
and Jesus made momentous claims:
divine, he’d take the weight of sin,
and rise to give us life in Him
– he is himself this Living Bread,
but scorners, to this life are dead.

The 2 advents

Christ’s advent changed the world,
and brought anticipation –
a second advent soon
for wonderul completion:
the end of pain and weariness,
the end of death and sinfulness.

The date unknown, we live
in constant expectation
of better things ahead –
for all will give attention,
and everyone will stop and see
when Christ arrives all-gloriously.

But many won’t believe
(and make no preparation),
their days drift on until
the day of separation:
for only those by faith prepared
will be for ever with their Lord.

2 Peter 3:3-13 and Luke 18:8

The world will scoff, deny, forget
– they do not want to know
that to their Maker they’re in debt,
and praise, submission, owe.
Every eye will one day see him,
Jesus returning, majestic, reigning:
how many will be waiting
with faith, upon the earth?

Remember, though, how soon is meant
(God’s time’s not to our scale);
– he waits, that many may repent:
his coming will not fail.
Until every eye will see him,
Christ Jesus coming, in power returning,
I’ll trust, and while I’m waiting
urge faith upon the earth.

When he is ready, he will come:
the world will not expect
the awesome, judging, holy One
whom most now scorn, reject.
We look forward to his coming,
the old earth melting, the new appearing,
in him, keep persevering
in holy, godly faith.

(Tune: of ‘I know not how God’s wondrous grace’)

Approaching Communion

1 Corinthians 11:17-32
Unity, no biting schism
in his church, avoid division, –
imperfections can cause friction –
immature, and lacking wisdom:

but we all who love the Father,
must seek peace, love one another.

Gather, worship God together,
for his death give thanks, remember,
while partaking of his supper
in a right and proper manner:

this brings glory to the Saviour,
and does good to one another.

Looking round, does peace abound here?
Looking inward, what is found there?
Faith, repentance, love to God
and the people of the Lord?

Self-examination’s better
than chastisement hard and bitter.

Looking up to God, the Founder
of salvation’s plan of wonder;
looking back at Calvary,
all that Christ has done for me:

this we show by wine and bread
’til he comes, – we look ahead!


(1 Corinthians  11:23-26)
In remembrance
of our Saviour:
memorial, set in bread and wine,
of his death that brought such favour,
and the covenant divine.

Types and shadows pointed forward,
to this focal point, the cross;
and, since then his church looks backward,
to this source of life and grace.

Proclamation ’til his coming:
we, who now have life from him,
show his sacrificial dying
for the punishment of sin.

As we take the supper often,
we think gladly every time,
of our cleansing, sins forgiven,
eternal nourishment divine.

The Spirit of Adoption

Holy Spirit makes me know
I’m a son of God, although
sometimes I less conscious feel
of my full adoption real:
faith and joy, assurance wrought
by his Spirit in my heart.

Holy Spirit makes me cry
to my Father, and rely
wholly as a little child,
safe, respectful, reconciled,
bold, adoring, and secure:
of paternal love I’m sure.

Holy Spirit makes me strive,
like my Father more to live,
love the brethren, by my ways
bring my Father honour, praise.
Shows me I’m a royal son,
leads me in the life begun.

Tune: 77 77 77 (‘Jesus, Master, whose I am’)

Finding answers

The devil is skilful when spreading his lies.
For true understanding, to truly be wise,
when puzzled, bewildered, your thinking unclear –
God’s Words can enlighten: attentively hear!

– to learn more of God, and to learn of his ways;
to learn why we often have troublesome days;
informed of God’s standards, and government sure,
full gracious salvation for ever secure;

to see far more clearly the devil’s design,
perceive I am weak, need instruction divine,
to pity the foolish who live for men’s praise,
for comforts and pleasures of transient days.

So, every backslider, remember the past, –
the fellowship shared with Christ Jesus surpassed
the comforts and luxuries praised by the throng:
let God be your Portion, Instructor and Song!

The New explains the Old

Hebrews 1:1-3
Increasing revelation,
the gracious preparation
for coming incarnation –
the Father’s final Word:

complete illumination,
a perfect presentation
of God, propitiation –
salvation’s finished work.

God’s words are precious gold
– in Christ they all unfold,
the New explains the Old:
feed on the Word of life.