What child is this, foretold, announced?
His role-to-be, immense, pronounced?
What child is this, wise men revere,
but Herod’s filled with murderous fear?

Accepted, ordinary village lad,
and none claimed he was ever bad.
Then, when of age, he taught as none
had ever taught, his Father’s Son.

His kindness clearly seen, and power –
not ostentatious – [knew his hour
of wiping out all sin and pain
not yet], he faced ahead his main

labour essential, agony,
as substitute upon a tree
in dying there for you and me
so from sin’s wage we can be free –
and soon from pain, all misery.

What child to grow to do all this?
God knew we all had gone amiss –
A second Adam he brought forth,
a human child, but special birth,
to save those desperate on earth.