God becomes touchable body

1 John 1:1-4
The Son of God, his final Word,
now touched through incarnation;
and through this man, observed and heard,
was made the whole creation.

In the beginning he was there,
eternal in his being;
and then in Mary’s womb and care:
the Rescuer redeeming.

Tune: 8787 iambic eg  ‘Dominus Regit Me’ by J Dykes, tune of ‘The King of love my Shepherd is’

Christmas presents

His gift is best:
it cost the most,
gives rest, will last
for ever.

Full peace and pardon,
and lifted burden,
fresh start, new heart.
From where?

This gift was priced
the death of Christ:
He paid, he lives,

So don’t resist
this therapist –
let him begin
to change you!

God now Man: real joy

He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. John 1:10,11

God now Man: the angels sing
the glory of the newborn King;

but then, and now, the world refuses;
– with idle thoughts distracts, confuses.

[How inconvenient to submit,
and so receive the perfect gift.]

But he, who is, and had designed
our world, and all its life,
saw crime, and greed, and hate, and strife,
but came to save —
the Babe, the Man, God’s Word,
to take the guilt repentant sinners
had incurred.

Why did he become human?

Glorious Son in heavenly kingdom,
willing to become a human –
how? (a miracle of love) – and why?

A perfect person had to die
to pay the debt and penalty,
provide a pardon, amnesty
for foolish mutineers.

So, come for the pardon, amnesty
for contrite mutineers.

What love! of God to send his Son to die
– for who?
What love! of Christ – oh, Jesus draw men’s hearts
to you!

Harassed sheep

Matthew 9:36-38
Harassed by the daily round,
helpless – no real respite found;
frail and wandering, foolish sheep,
no kind King to care and keep.

Jesus saw their desperate need,
felt compassion, deeply stirred.
Will you pray and intercede,
that they hear salvation’s Word?

Divine Revelation!

Spoken truth – delivered ‘Word’:
– its meaning clear, not vague, or blurred.
No longer any need to guess. –
We have life’s manual, no less!

And then he came himself, as man, –
God’s Word as human flesh we scan:
his teaching, actions pure,
his sacrifice secure,
his resurrection sure.

The Lord’s Supper

We eat the bread – He gave
himself to judgement’s pain
deserved by all my sins, to save:
new Life from him I gain.

We drink the wine, He bled
God’s covenant to seal;
the blood that purchased peace was shed:
a just and awesome deal!

Remembering thus, we show
Christ’s death until he come,
– in him we boast, his mercy know:
The Lamb upon the throne!  Tune: SM