Personal, Church, and Society

‘We long for you and loving grace,
each morning need your strength to face
the day that lies ahead whatever
may come our way, we would endeavour
to walk with you our Help and Guide
indwelling, and there at our side,
and when encountering distress
please save us in our helplessness.

‘Oh, fill your church with righteousness,
repentance for its waywardness,
give wisdom, valuing your Word
to bow in awe before you, Lord.
What treasure ours when you we own,
but in our times so few have known
this sure foundation that they need’ –
available, his presence heed.

Tune DLM

“Oh, LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. … he will fill Zion with justice and righteousness. He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.” Isaiah 33:2, 5b, 6

Persevere and Pray

No human wisdom is enough
to help us when the way is tough.
The best of human leaders fail,
but One has power that can avail,
and has resources limitless:
approach him, pray in your distress.

Our leaders and we each one need
to persevere and intercede
and ask God’s mercy, intervention
in many a desperate situation,
and ask He guide how we proceed
and strengthen for the tasks, we plead.

Tune: 88 88 88

Rulers judged too – Rule kindly!

on Psalm 82

For God assesses and is just,
he’s Judge of every nation,
he’s righteous and omniscient;
with perfect comprehension.

So, you who judge today, and rule, –
for truth you should be caring
(the founding principles for earth) –
an awesome role you’re bearing.

See schemes against the poor, the weak:
defend them from oppression
by wicked people – don’t excuse
the cruel exploitation.

Remember you will die quite soon,
like other men, appear
before God’s throne to give account:
so serve in godly fear.

Tune: 87 87 or 87 87 D

He gave himself for all …

1 Timothy 2:1-6

Some own there is a god –
his character, by whim
they draw, and see no need of Christ
to make their peace with him.

So much now stifles thought,
distracts, and numbs the mind
with music’s beat, many don’t try
life’s destiny to find.

He pinpoints where we’re at,
and where we’re heading to,
and how to reach the better goal,
what to believe and do.

One mediator given:
God wants his church to tell,
and so we need to pray for peace,
live lives that please him well.

When worldly views surround
the church must not then slide
but by their life and words, attract
towards the Saviour’s side.

We pray for all who rule
that peace and quietness
enable more to come for grace
and live in godliness.

For God can overrule
guide leaders fallible
to bring stability that makes
our witness possible.

Tune: SM

Two Kings, Two Feasts

The Despot Herod held a feast,
and showed himself a tyrant beast,
gave to the dancer her vile wish
of righteous John’s head on a dish.

But, Jesus saddened, found a place
of quiet, but crowds still sought his face,
he had compassion on their need,
and gave them truth and bread to feed.

What contrast seen in these two kings,
the one abused the power fear brings,
the other as a Shepherd cared,
and healed and fed, salvation shared.

And he is still a Shepherd-King
who welcomes all to come to him.
He knows you through and through, he’ll lead,
and satisfy soul-hunger, feed.

Mark 6: 14-44 and Matthew 14:12-14

(Tune: LM can be sung to ‘Ye banks and braes’ Scottish Traditional melody, two verses to the tune)

Free Speech – annoying, hurting?

A law against offending speech,
and written words, but aren’t we each
offended every day by this, or that,
or in some other way?
Where draw the line, resort to law?
for words may yet respect restore
to different stance – may be, perchance,
preferred to ignorance of others’ views and news …?

and what of empty words of anger,
those swear words that give voice to temper?
their meaning, origin may be unknown
to one who’s safety-valve has blown,
but to a listener (reader) may
cause hurt, distaste, – no law can say
you must desist, but sensitivity
can train the tongue to care and courtesy.


(1&2 Timothy, Titus, Ephesians)
We must promote a peaceful life,
where we can speak God’s Word;
and pray for rulers calming strife;
ourselves obey the Lord.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to do what’s good;
be loving, kind, don’t slander –
– more like your Father God.

Be peaceable, considerate,
show true humility
towards all, – free from malice, hate,
pursuing purity.

Be ready, Christian, always,
eager to do what’s good;
devote yourself for service, –
vessel prepared for God.

Avoid unwholesome, godless talk,
arguments foolish leave.
Instruct those who in folly walk –
maybe they will believe.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to teach what’s good.
Christ gave himself to save us.
We’ve been redeemed for God.

Don’t quarrel, and be kind to all,
never resentful, pray
that some will see the truth, and call,
turn from the devil’s way.

Be ready, Christian, always:
kindness and love of God –
not what I’ve done, – but mercy,
saved me to do much good.

Tune: CM+ eg Quiet Rest