Do not steal – what

Do you want what isn’t yours?
Grabbing by deceit or force?
Do I cling to what I have,
loth to share, and slow to give?

Judas was a thief and greedy.
Jesus gave and served the needy.
Ants are busy, store ahead.
Sluggards rather stay in bed.

I’m a steward of gifts divine –
things I own aren’t really ‘mine’.
Will I labour, greed forsake,
glad when giving, slow to take?

Nothing paid for stealing’s gain
– someone, somewhere feels the pain,
profiting at their expense
you will owe them recompense.
Tune: 77 77

Family Care

A happy home with honour, love,
will strengthen all who in it live,
obedience to wise Mum and Dad,
and neighbours for such peace are glad.

But it will not arise by chance,
by apathy or negligence,
nor from indulgence – being blind
to disobedience is not kind.

No heavy-handed, harsh regime,
but patient teaching, discipline
that’s firm, but loving, gains respect,
and from life’s pitfalls will protect.

And when we’ve failed, and faults confess,
there is such grace, he still can bless,
and help us wisely show we care,
and try, his love with others share.

And then in age, reversal comes –
care for the parents by the sons
and daughters, as the Lord commands,
let’s caring be, as he intends.

Tune: LM
“Honour your father and mother” — which is the first commandment with a promise —”that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth” Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead , bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:2-4

Do what you like?

Land trespassers are given fines,
but also might get harmed or hurt
– for dangers lurk beyond the signs
– pollution, pits, fierce creatures, dirt.

Encouraged morally to roam,
experimentally tasting all
like Eve – forbidden pleasures known,
soon poisoning like bitter gall.

If boundaries are scorned, transgressed
such trespassing will sadness bring;
new life delights in (and is blessed)
in keeping from the fields of sin.

Tune: LM

God’s law and gift

The prophets and the law
were teaching long before
about true holiness,
salvation from sin’s mess
– much needed grace that God will bring:
accept and honour Christ the King.

How deep the love of God
within the Trinity:
the Father loves his Son
so deeply, and yet he
sent him to earth to teach and save:
listen! receive the gift he gave!

Tune: 66 66 88 eg Gopsal, tune of ‘Rejoice! the Lord is King’

Decalogue – Ten Words

Ten facets of love,
ten words that abide
which I love, for they guide
in love horizontal
outflowing and growing
from vertical love
that worships ‘I Am’,
without idol form,
(his name used with care,
and a rest day for prayer):
so, at home, love, respect,
and to neighbours, no hate,
the pledges protect
that seal wedded state,
shun stealing that cheats,
speak truth, not deceits,
no coveting greed,
but thanks for met need –
no flaws in these laws,
though my love is lacking,
failing and cracking,
but Love’s mighty plan,
his grace for us won
and power issues forth
from that love of
incomp’rable worth:
for Jesu’s life shone
with this love, ten-in-one:
incarnate Love-Word.

The 10 Commandments

Deuteronomy 5:22
Proclaimed by God in a voice so loud
to the whole assembly there, –
on the mountain out of the fire and cloud
and he added nothing more.
Mighty LORD their God who brought them out,
out of Egypt’s slavery:
He is holy, holy, holy and he gives
perfect law of liberty.

This almighty God – has he rescued me
from the slavery of sin?
As I live each day, breathe and talk & see
do I praise creation’s King?

LORD, Jehovah God, true and infinite, –
whose position is supreme.
Who can stand before all his glory bright?
Jesus Christ came to redeem.

No deserving of such a plan of grace,
bringing mercy to mankind,
If he had not shown us his holiness,
to our plight we would be blind.

We have broken all these commandments ten –
they reveal our hearts’ deep sins.
Jesus Christ has kept every one of them, –
and redemptive grace he brings.

So through faith in Christ, gift of righteousness
comes to all who will believe.
be convicted of your foolishness,
fear him and grace receive.

Tune: 10 7 10 7+ eg Grace Divine by W H Doane

on Psalm 119

Who but fools
ignore the rules
the Maker chose.
(He knows
these rules are wise.)
We prove
and prize
them, love
their every part.
Real comfort,
joy of heart
within the boundaries of his law
– no dreary chore:
but satisfying ways,
upwelling praise
of him who taught me,
whose mercy caught me.

No life ‘confined’,
– our health of mind,
and body, benefit,
in doing things righteous:
such duties delight us.

Christ paid;
my judgement laid
upon him,
suffered for my sake.
When I repented
(– real, not fake),
forgiveness granted,
and thankful liberty now felt.
Unfettered by infertile guilt,
nor sterile faint remorse:
the attractive force
of sin repelled,
and quelled;
– my will, desire,
have been created new,
igniting energy
for living by his statutes true.
My mind, my feet may wander:

Curtail, impress, and draw me back,
and nothing will I lack,
no blame
– peace, happiness, no shame,
and braced, prepared
for life’s complexity,
applying ways of purity.

Romans 7

Romans 7
Defeated often, wretched, sad.
How can I conquer sin, be glad?
God’s law is my delight.
Thanks be to God, there is a way,
for Christ will glorify one day,
receive me into Light.

He strengthens, teaches, sanctifies,
and though my spirit often sighs,
I am regenerate.
So I must persevere and pray
for power to conquer, walk his way,
my Father supplicate.

We must be importunate when
we feel defeated by our sin,
– grace for our time of need:
‘Come, fill me with your Spirit, Lord,
and teach my by your holy Word’,
my Saviour’s name I plead.

So mortify, make battle on
the sinful nature’s deeds so wrong:
we need not sin obey.
With Christ we’re resurrected, so
in grace and knowledge we may grow;
we do enjoy his way.
Tune: 886 886 eg Buddugoliaeth by G W Hughes

The Law of God and His Grace

Eternal sovereign God alone
can holiness define.
The perfect One himself has shown
the standard, that standard now is mine.

His law accused us all, each one,
accused us of our sin;
and threatened punishment must come:
God’s justice, – soon justice he would bring.

But God can make the dead anew,
alive in Christ, forgiven;
their debt all paid, sin hid from view,
They’ve access, –  I’ve access now to heaven.

The Christian loves God’s law – desires
in holiness to grow;
towards the standard high aspires
while granted, I’m granted life below.

And when I know I’ve failed, I’m grieved,
and sorry for my sin;
by grace I’ve for my good received
God’s perfect, his perfect discipline.
Tune: eg Diadem

The Sting of Death

O death, where is your sting?
Your victory, O grave?
The sting of death is sin
against the law God gave.

Grace! grace! grace!
We glory in grace!
Saved by the Sovereign!
We glory in grace!

Has anyone obeyed
God’s law in every part?
In all we see displayed
corruption of the heart.

But Christ the law fulfilled,
his righteousness complete,
his people’s fears he stilled,
death’s power knew full defeat.

For, he the sinless One,
for sins of others died;
God’s wrath fell on his Son, –
their victory supplied.

And those who trust in him,
are clothed in righteousness;
so death has lost its sting,
it leads to blesssedness.

O death where is your sting?
Your victory, O grave?
Our praises we will bring –
from sin the Lord can save.
Tune: 66 66 + refrain e.g. Mine