Press On

Nothing better, more important
than to know God more and more,
fellowship, obedience constant
– this is what he’s saved us for;
when discouraged in our seeking
(feel no progress, often stray)
testing sharpens thirst and longing,
spurs us earnestly to pray.

Read, remember Christ’s compassion
showing understanding full,
hears and answers supplication,
ear alert to serious call;
power to help, befriend, give wisdom,
don’t be satisfied with less,
true disciple of the kingdom,
seek him urgently to bless.

Why did he say … he is the true Vine? (6)

Each branch
that’s linked and connected
– nourishment flows,
preserved and protected,
fruitfully grows
– pruned to get strong,
remain and live long,
eternally part of the Vine,
receiving divine
life from the Lord,
heeding his Word.

Though some may appear
a part of the Vine,
they show no divine
fruit, and don’t pray,
they are but dead wood,
receiving no food,
unattached, fall away,
no life from the Lord –
no love for his Word.
John 15:1-8