(Proverbs 18:24 etc. )
Created not to be alone, _
my Maker did intend
I love him with my heart and mind,
be to my neighbours good and kind:
a true and trusted friend.

We should endeavour to keep peace,
encourage and defend,
support and not retaliate;
good friendships try to cultivate,
to be a helpful friend.

And special, deeper friendships will
on openness depend;
consistently give love and care,
and thoughtfully advise and share:
to be a precious friend.

And Christ can make our love improve;
ill-treated hearts he’ll mend.
He never hurts by fickle mood,
he’s always working for our good:
the only perfect Friend.

Tune: ‘Rest’ by F C Maker

Whatever may happen

Philippians 1:12,19,20,21,27
Whatever may happen, look out for, and pray
the gospel of Christ to make progress his way:
the gospel’s advance be our deepest desire,
though Satan oppose and our ways be through fire.

Whatever may happen, we live or we die,
we serve Christ while here or we meet him on high:
the good of God’s people, their joy and their faith,
and progress, are all that can tie us to earth.

Whatever may happen, Lord help us to live
adorning the gospel in which we believe,
united with all who adhere to your Word,
in faith firm, untoppled, whatever’s occurred.
Tune: 11 11 11 11

Sunday benefit

God blessed the sabbath – he requires
that man from work should rest.
One day kept holy he desires:
remember, and be blest.

God made it for man’s benefit,
to pause for thankfulness;
and with his people we may meet,
and grow in godliness.

We’ve time to meditate upon
God’s Words proclaimed, explained;
encourage those who trust the Son,
and share what we have gained.

When freed from work of other days,
our worship we may bring;
remember, celebrate, and praise –
how Christ redeemed from sin.

We must not cease from true concern
for all our neighbours’ needs.
Be helpful, kind; but we must spurn
unnecessary deeds.

Our Sunday is a Jubilee,
a time for joyful song;
a time for slaves to be set free.
cleansed from a life so wrong.

And only those who want to keep
their sabbath in this way,
such benefits so great can reap,
God’s honour well display.
CM ‘Arnold’s’ by S Arnold


(1&2 Timothy, Titus, Ephesians)
We must promote a peaceful life,
where we can speak God’s Word;
and pray for rulers calming strife;
ourselves obey the Lord.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to do what’s good;
be loving, kind, don’t slander –
– more like your Father God.

Be peaceable, considerate,
show true humility
towards all, – free from malice, hate,
pursuing purity.

Be ready, Christian, always,
eager to do what’s good;
devote yourself for service, –
vessel prepared for God.

Avoid unwholesome, godless talk,
arguments foolish leave.
Instruct those who in folly walk –
maybe they will believe.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to teach what’s good.
Christ gave himself to save us.
We’ve been redeemed for God.

Don’t quarrel, and be kind to all,
never resentful, pray
that some will see the truth, and call,
turn from the devil’s way.

Be ready, Christian, always:
kindness and love of God –
not what I’ve done, – but mercy,
saved me to do much good.

Tune: CM+ eg Quiet Rest

Loving God’s people

John 13:34,35
Never had been demonstrated
love like that of Jesus, Lord,
and those whom he’s saved, adopted
know this grace and love outpoured;
love and time they gladly give,
serve his people as they live.

Now the world sees demonstrated
love like that of Jesus, Lord,
Church attendance may be noticed,
but it’s caring love outpoured
shows them that we are in him,
– and their interest this may win.

This commandment needs attention,
loving sacrificially:
as we think of our redemption,
caring for his family:
generous, practical; and pray
that they’ll trust their Lord, obey.
Tune of ‘Master Speak, Thy servant heareth’
[also filed under ‘Church’]

‘Love … always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres’ (1 Corinthians 13:7a)

Love does not assume evil motive,
but looks for some good intent;
not gullible, foolishly trusting,
but hopes that no ill is meant.

Protects and trusts,
Love hopes and protects, on and on.
Love trusts, and hopes,
love hopes and protects when it can

Love shows it expects kindly actions,
encourages such from all,
protects the one who is slipping,
supports, helps him not to fall.

And show that you really believe that
it’s possible they could reach
a better standard of loving,
and gain from the words you teach.

With God mighty changes can happen,
and battles with sin are won.
He’s willing to hear sinners calling,
and gladly will help each one.
Tune: Redeemed

To die, to live

Philippians 1:21
Paul said, ‘For me to die is gain’.
He’d often known upholding grace
when facing death, and troubles, pain;
and longed to see Christ face to face.

‘To live is gain’, – in fellowship,
to bring him glory, serve each day,
that people may be saved, built up,
God’s children helped upon the Way.

Paul wanted them to live this way, –
Philippians, Christians everywhere –
to serve our Master day by day,
until we go to Jesus there.

Sure Joy

Philippians 4:4
Joy flows from Jesus through faith in his Word:
Joy that is sure
purchased inheritance safely is stored,
perfect, for ever secure.
Joy in the LORD –
always rejoice in his wonderful Word!

Many the times when we sorrow or groan,
yet we have hope;
joy incorruptible, pure, we have known;
sometimes we struggle and grope;
yet we have still
cause to rejoice that he’s working his will.

Empty hilarity’s worthless and vain, –
soon it will end:
Satan deceives men to folly and pain.
God is a merciful Friend; –
true godly fear
brings with it joy to press on, persevere.

Robbed of our joy by temptation to sin –
help me to turn,
not to be selfish or proud, but like him,
bitterness, hatred, to spurn:
walk in God’s ways,
gaining real pleasure, and bringing him praise.

Those who the name of Christ Jesus revere,
sorry for sin,
will not be frightened when soon he draws near, –
joyfully welcoming him;
trials all past,
nothing to hinder enjoyment at last!
Tune: 10 4 10 7 4 10 e.g. Wonderful Love by F.L.Wiseman

Matthew 11:28-30

Weary from hunting truth and peace:
empty each hoped-for thrill:
pleasure which promised rest of mind,
leaving men weary still.

Take on my yoke, and learn of Me,
gently I’ll teach: come, taste and see:
rested your burdened soul will be.

Jesus demands a turnabout:
“Come unto Me, serve Me”.
Ask for forgiveness, ask for help, –
openly, honestly.

‘Easy my yoke, my burden light’
– Take it upon you: blessed
you’ll be for ever, burdened souls,
and will receive true rest.
Tune: Worthy, O Lamb of God art Thou … Thou art the everlasting Word