(cf Psalm 137)

Remembering sorrows, trials, grief
with no pretence of false relief;
the hurt not buried, brought to him
who healing help can truly bring.

I will remember Christ my Lord,
rejoicing in his saving Word.

Remember how conviction stirred
when gospel truth with faith you heard,
now love the place of his embrace,
taking delight in all his grace.

Remember evil is so vile,
God will bring justice, therefore while
we live, we warn to flee, repent
before the punishment is sent.

Tune: 88 88 88 eg Melita by J B Dykes  (tune of ‘Eternal Father stron to save’)or Surrey by Henry Carey

Decalogue – Ten Words

Ten facets of love,
ten words that abide
which I love, for they guide
in love horizontal
outflowing and growing
from vertical love
that worships ‘I Am’,
without idol form,
(his name used with care,
and a rest day for prayer):
so, at home, love, respect,
and to neighbours, no hate,
the pledges protect
that seal wedded state,
shun stealing that cheats,
speak truth, not deceits,
no coveting greed,
but thanks for met need –
no flaws in these laws,
though my love is lacking,
failing and cracking,
but Love’s mighty plan,
his grace for us won
and power issues forth
from that love of
incomp’rable worth:
for Jesu’s life shone
with this love, ten-in-one:
incarnate Love-Word.