Watch out!

Proverbs 1:10; 4:6; 6:2,5,20,23
Hide in your heart, and treasure
the words of God, your Saviour.
Kept at your fingertips, in thought:
fore-warned, fore-armed, well-taught.

Risky to wander near,
to mischief giving ear,
vulnerable, suddenly
falling so foolishly.

Few fully realise
deceptive evil’s guise:
slipping, yielding, caught to stay:
turn, quickly rush away!

The 10 Commandments

Deuteronomy 5:22
Proclaimed by God in a voice so loud
to the whole assembly there, –
on the mountain out of the fire and cloud
and he added nothing more.
Mighty LORD their God who brought them out,
out of Egypt’s slavery:
He is holy, holy, holy and he gives
perfect law of liberty.

This almighty God – has he rescued me
from the slavery of sin?
As I live each day, breathe and talk & see
do I praise creation’s King?

LORD, Jehovah God, true and infinite, –
whose position is supreme.
Who can stand before all his glory bright?
Jesus Christ came to redeem.

No deserving of such a plan of grace,
bringing mercy to mankind,
If he had not shown us his holiness,
to our plight we would be blind.

We have broken all these commandments ten –
they reveal our hearts’ deep sins.
Jesus Christ has kept every one of them, –
and redemptive grace he brings.

So through faith in Christ, gift of righteousness
comes to all who will believe.
be convicted of your foolishness,
fear him and grace receive.

Tune: 10 7 10 7+ eg Grace Divine by W H Doane

The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:3-12
Who are blessed? Who will enter heaven?
and know God’s mercy, and be called his sons?
Who will have reward in heaven, blessed ones?
Who are really, truly happy, always blest?

Poor in spirit, humbly pray,
– begging mercy every day;
patiently your hardships bear,
and when you can be pleased to share;
count your best deeds only rags,
take Christ’s righteousness to wear,
– so be blest, and enter soon eternal rest.

Godly sorrow for your sin,
– life of faith must thus begin,
and continue in the Light,
repentant, contrite in God’s sight,
boasting only in God’s Son,
– great provision for our plight; –
so you’ll feel and know true joy and comfort real.

Meek and gentle, self-controlled,
– recompensed a hundredfold;
slow to anger, slow to speak;
forgiving, never vengeance seek;
cooling tempers with wise word,
strength is needed to be meek,
you’ll have more than passing wealth, eternal store.

Hunger, thirst for righteousness;
– pray and labour, God will bless.
Merciful and pure in heart,
and undefiled in every part;
cleansed by God through faith in Christ;
when you see a quarrel start,
making peace if possible, all strife to cease.

Persecuted for Christ’s sake,
and accused with charges fake;
so received the prophets true,
and Christ was treated that way too;
if because you own his name,
men insult, it’s nothing new:
Christ has shown how joy and blessing’s really known.

These are blessed, these will enter heaven,
and know God’s mercy, and be called his sons,
these will have reward in heaven, blessed ones,
these are really, truly happy, always blest.

Tune: ‘We’ll understand it better by and by’ Y Praise 103

Why? What? & How? learn from OT Kings etc.

David, Solomon, Elijah,
needed (just like us) God’s Word.
How did they respond to Scripture,
and apply the truth they heard?

Do I want to be more holy?
and escape from worldly lust?
Do I pray in faith to fully
follow God? – his way is best.

Fellowship with him, attentive,
learning from his precious Word:
Scripture study gives incentive
to obey, serve Christ, our Lord.