(on Isaiah 6)
Lord, show us afresh your vast holiness, might,
revealing anew my great sin in your sight.
Please open our vision to view the stupendous
salvation procured for sinners atrocious.

And help me perceive then the wonder of pardon,
receiving the cleansing, the joy and the freedom
– that freedom to serve and to sense your embrace
empowering, equipping that service by grace.

Remind us to pause, and to contemplate, see
your majesty, love, so our worship will be
revived, stirred and contrite, our hearts overwhelmed,
delighting, rejoicing, luke-warmness dispelled.

eg St Luke 11 11 11 11

on 1 Peter 2:1-3

1. Tasting riches of salvation,
see God’s goodness more and more,
blessèd fellowship experience –
life unknown when dead before.

Taste and see our Saviour’s goodness,
rid yourselves of all that’s wrong,
feeding in the Bible daily –
newborn babies growing strong.

2. Quit the poison that will weaken –
malice, slander and deceit;
shun emaciating envy,
hypocritical conceit.

3. Crave the milk of God, his scriptures,
that mature and make us grow
strong and healthy, firmly founded
to delight this Lord we know.

(tune of ‘All that thrills my soul is Jesus’)

Guard your heart

Ephesians 6:14   &   Proverbs 4:20-27
A breastplate of righteousness
protecting our hearts
– imputed, – and holiness
Christ’s Spirit imparts:
your will and emotion
keep safe under guard,
by good application
each day of God’s Word.

Our speech cleansed and guarded,
with words to do good;
our eyes trained and guided
away from the lewd.
Keep on the path founded
on truth, – not thin ice
where pitfalls abound and
temptations entice.

Tune: 11 11 11 11

Watch out!

Proverbs 1:10; 4:6; 6:2,5,20,23
Hide in your heart, and treasure
the words of God, your Saviour.
Kept at your fingertips, in thought:
fore-warned, fore-armed, well-taught.

Risky to wander near,
to mischief giving ear,
vulnerable, suddenly
falling so foolishly.

Few fully realise
deceptive evil’s guise:
slipping, yielding, caught to stay:
turn, quickly rush away!

True to the Lord

Acts 11:23
True to the Lord – to Jesus Christ, your Saviour,
True to the Lord – to Jesus Christ, your Lord,
True to the Lord – lean on his gracious favour,
according to his Word.

True to the Lord, with firm and fixed intention.
True to the Lord, – so purpose in your heart.
True to the Lord – who else can give salvation?
– eternal life impart?

True to the Lord, for strength to face temptation,
True to the Lord – abide in Christ, the Vine,
True to the Lord, with full determination,
– all needed grace is mine!

True to the Lord, and search the scriptures daily,
True to the Lord – learn of him from his Word,
True to the Lord – believe, obey more fully,
– a servant of the Lord!

True to the Lord – so let his Spirit fill you,
True to the Lord – and speak of Christ to all.
True to the Lord – see others long for God too,
and for his mercy call!

I can … through him

Philippians 4:13
Through Jesus Christ I can
get strength for doing good; –
since life anew began
I can do what I should.
Resources free:
Why do I fail?
His power you’ll see
help one so frail.

When circumstances rise
that I don’t want to be,
I first must recognise
the conflict that I see;
to God return,
the clash admit,
pray help to learn
his will, submit.

And if you cannot cope
with pressures on your way,
don’t grumble, shout, or mope,
draw near to God, and pray.
Christ’s Spirit lives
with power within:
at sin he grieves, –
keep peace with him.

Tune: 6666 88 eg Millenium

Press on

Romans 12:9-13
Insight into love divine
incites to copy love sublime –
incentive to be selfless, kind:
his Spirit touching will and mind.

Repelled by evil, shrink away
from malice, into greed don’t stray.
Attracted to the pure and good –
cling to such things, as Jesus would.

So serve with fervour and with zeal,
renewed, refreshed when sloth you feel.
Be patient, joyful, hope-ful, share,
and faithful in you work and prayer.

Jericho and Joshua; Rahab and Achan

Shut up against the LORD’s control, –
see, Jericho’s like a foolish soul
determined to keep right apart
from God’s good influence on the heart.

But Rahab realised God’s decree;
believed, was glad his child to be,
and on that day of great destruction,
and glory, she received salvation!

But Achan richest blessing lost, –
through greed, – and didn’t count the cost
to others; God observed it all –
Achan did not for mercy call.

Beware of incomplete devotion
to God, of his rich gifts, provision:
acknowledge debt, and seek his will,
or they will only bring us ill.

For Achan’s family had scorned
God’s rule, and so his judgement earned.
But Joshua prayed, though much perplexed,
and Israel all were warned and blessed.