Truth revealed

Is truth immutable concealed, –
that sought-for, solid base?
or has a greater One revealed
real absolutes, in grace?
No other person knows my thought
unless explained and shared;
– God’s will can but by him be taught –
eternal Word declared.

The fear of God – a reverent awe –
foundation stone is this;
accepting standards of his law, –
our wisdom’s not amiss.
To aid we need enlightened hearts, –
wise tutor, Christ within;
for understanding he imparts:
perception of our sin.

God’s kindness still is vast and great
throughout the earth and skies:
for he’s the faithful Potentate
who life and health supplies.
His mystery of power and grace,
his love to fallen man,
sent Christ to take the sinner’s place:
see perfect wisdom’s span!

And soon all sad disease and pain
for ever will be gone,
and Jesus Christ will judge and reign,
and cleanse out all that’s wrong.
Please don’t search after something new, –
for where can truth be found?
In Christ, the Lord, what love we view:
his words and deeds astound!

Tune: CMD

Words reveal

Matthew 6:19-34 & 12:34,35
The darkened heart
will overflow,
– the mouth impart
the words that show
heart’s state.

The eyes that set
and fix their sight
on ‘things’, and fret,
let in no light:
dark heart.

Direct your eyes,
your thought and care
on what supplies
‘light’ for heart prayer,
and speech.

Enlightened heart,
enduring treasure:
God’s kingdom sought,
a better Master:
all well.

Simon Peter:

Three times he denied,
three times he replied,
confessing his love,
– for though he was frail,
(no longer self-confident),
Christ’s grace would not fail.
Completely dependent,
desiring to serve
the loving and living,
forgiving Lord Jesus,
he’ll labour in love,
watch over and feed
Christ’s young new-born sheep
– who constantly need
God’s Word that will keep
them safe in his Way.

worth suffering for . . .

A gospel worth suffering for,  A Lord worth suffering for
A people worth suffering for,  A hope worth suffering for

Colossians 1:24
Christ suffered to save us –  his death on the cross –
but all through his life here he suffered much loss,
and hardship and slander, to bring us his Word; –
and those he commissioned, like hardships incurred.

They too suffered gladly in service and love,
like Jesus, their Master, bore insults, and gave
their time, strength and money this good news to bring
to men, of the mercy and call of the King.

Rejoicing in sufferings for Him who has saved
and brought us to blessing – how dearly he loved.
Rejoicing in sufferings for brethren, – we know
those sufferings must mould us, as heavenward we go!
Tune: 11 11 11 11

Good News!

The Gospel! (Romans 1:1-7)
A message new,
a message good,
a message true,
– important Word.

From God, this Word
was promised long,
and now we’ve heard
what Christ has done.

The promised Man,
the risen Lord,
by whom we can
have grace outpoured.


Hosea 6:4; 8:2;10:4,12; 14:2,5 Ephesians 5:1,4  Proverbs 25:11
Religious words and ways
can make us feel secure;
but thoughtful inward gaze
will shake, or reassure.
Words, words, words: words worthless or wise,
worthwhile or empty, words pondered, or lies?

Cheap passions soon have passed,
like dew-drops drift away,
for feelings that will last
don’t prattle as they pray:
Words, words, words, words gushing or weighed?
secretive? open? – backsliding displayed.

Is comfort now your goal?
are sacrifices few?
If satisfied of soul,
plough up the soil anew.
Words, words, words: words precious or vain?
rooted in faith, love, or rotting with shame?

Break up the fallow ground,
sow seeds of righteousness,
let kindnesses abound, –
like welcome dew, he’ll bless.
Worthy words, take words that are true;
praying, and praise with the well-chosen few.

Tune: 66 66 + iambic eg ‘Mine’ by R Frank Lehman

Facing death

Facing death with disappointment,
and fear;
angry, bitter, –
expectations, prospects dashed,
hopes disappear.

Facing death with expectations
– soon afflictions all will cease,
then will come eternal glory –
now contentment, faith and peace