1 January, again

The clock is ticking on …
the climax is foretold,
the world is winding down,
– like us, it’s getting old,
and, entering this year of grace,
its unknown pathways we can face,
supported in the darkest place,
with prayer for help to be of use,
and opportunities embrace.

New year resolutions

Millenia spanned by sight divine –
achieving gracious plan:
his birth, his cross, his Spirit’s power –
new life, “new leaf”, for man.

I see my need for resolutions:
to want to do his will;
but I must pray, reach out for help
to progress and fulfill!

New Year, or At Parting

1. Look back – remember grace divine,
look on – the way ahead
is known to God, and he is mine,
by him we’ll still be led.
ch. Look back, look onward, joyfully,
we’ll persevere and praise.
God will walk with us faithfully
through all the coming days.

2. Some memories cause pain, or guilt,
and others, thankfulness,
but struggles and emotion felt
all mould our growth in grace.
ch.    Look back . . .

3. The Lord who has upheld me through
these twelve months that have passed,
has placed me with his people true, –
each brief encounter’s blessed.
ch.    The bonds of fellowship are deep,
– support and empathy.
Through time and distance Christians keep
refreshing memory.

4. So, when again on earth we meet,
and then in heaven, we will
renew that fellowship so sweet,
unchanged in Jesus still.
ch.    Look back . . .
Tune: Auld Lang Syne

God’s protection of his people

Isaiah 52:12
Every year our God’s protecting,
Sovereign Father close around,
guarding, guiding, light providing –
grace sufficient will abound.
In Christ Jesus,
trust and walk with him, adore (him adore)
trust and walk with him, adore.

Many have vain expectations,
many aimlessly just drift;
but, despite our imperfections,
we have goals that never shift;
pressing onward,
on with him to know him more, (know him more),
on with him to know him more.

Saints don’t always feel his nearness,
but he always guards his own,
watches, wards off foes, and shields us.
We cannot be overthrown.
We are precious,
He’ll preserve us evermore, (evermore),
He’ll preserve us evermore.

For the LORD will go before you,
go before you all the way;
God of Israel is behind you,
as your Rear-Guard every day.
Use his Guide-book,
progress with protection sure, (progress sure),
Progress with protection sure.
Tune: 87 87 47  eg Cwm Rhondda by J Hughes

A new year

Ages pass by – earth’s treasures all decay;
all Christ’s creation longs to see his day;
but constantly the eye of faith can see
your plan unfolds, O holy Trinity.

I do not know what way before me lies;
but this I know, my God is wholly wise;
each one Christ bought is precious in His plan:
the peace of God can be enjoyed by man!

Faith, hope and love – may these adorn me here:
God’s gifts to keep me from all fretting fear;
I’ll seek his help his Word to understand,
his will to see, obeying each command.

Trials and joys, in turn this year may bring;
I’ll leave it all to Christ, redeeming King.
I only ask he’ll watch with constant care,
and guide me by his Spirit everywhere.
Tune: 10 10 10 10

(This has been published in Praise hymn book no. 235,
and was based, loosely on a Welsh hymn,
‘Tad tragwyddoldeb, plygaf ger dy fron’ by T J Pritchard)