The crux of all time

This all occurred –
as man on earth
God brought true Word
and died our death
–  the fine he paid
that we had earned
on him was laid.
He then returned
and showed the debt
had been wiped clean
– come, bow, and let
him rule, redeem.

88 88 88    eg’On Christmas night all Christians sing’


Jesus was beaten, crucified –
the soldiers checked he’d really died
with spear thrust deep into his side:
some try to say he this survived,
and in the tomb awoke, unwound,
th’anointed cloths removed that bound,
escaped the guard, removed the rock,
and somehow staggered, scheming, back?!
    Such thoughts do not make any sense,
    the implications are immense:
    It was the powerful living Lord
    who rose with energising Word.

Some say they all mistook the tomb,
or someone moved, by means unknown
the corpse – removed and never found.
His followers, friends were beaten, bound
for saying he’s alive to save
– for lies would they have been so brave?
They were not charged with body-theft;
no longer mourning, sad, bereft.
Men, women changed by joyful news
    they can’t deny, though crowds abuse.
    The evidence makes legal sense,
    the implications are immense.

Recorded clear accounts we have
of, after days within the grave
some met him live upon the third –
for forty days he then appeared,
and often unexpectedly,
once with five hundred there to see,
and sent them out this to proclaim
– ‘repent, Christ saves, and soon will reign’.
    Men, women changed by joyful news
    they can’t deny, though crowds abuse.
    The evidence makes legal sense,
    the implications are immense.

Tune:  DLM+ ‘Ye banks and braes’, but repeat the last 4 lines of the tune

He Pressed On, Though Knowing

He had to go to Calvary
to rescue me.
He travelled to Jerusalem
though knowing men
would there reject and crucify:
and he must die.

All we like sheep have gone astray,
he took away
the punishment deserved by sins,
and freedom brings –
as pierced by nails, he paid my fine:
and Life is mine.

He bore the penalty, and then
he lived again,
and met his friends as promised, they
told of his Way,
he will return soon, all shall see
his majesty.

Tune: 84 84 84 eg Wentworth by F C Maker, tune of ‘My God, I thank Thee, who hast made the earth so bright’

‘We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.’ Isaiah 53:8
‘From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things … that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.’
Matthew 16:21

The Ugly and the Beautiful

on Mark 14:1-11
They were filled with venom,
bitter, scheming, sly,
did not like his wisdom,
wanted him to die.

Judas, thief and traitor,
chose to leave, betray,
spurned his Master, Saviour,
turned against his Way.

Beautiful the contrast:
perfume, love, outpoured,
now the scent encompassed,
honouring her Lord.

Rash their rushing judgement:
this was not a waste –
imminent assignment
so immense he faced:

Treatment harsh and vicious
leading to the grave,
though he’d be victorious,
hard his route to save.

Tune: 65 65

The thief going to paradise

The thief repentant, on the cross,
acknowledged all his sin and loss,
and asked the Saviour mercy free,
and humbly trusted Him, and we
can share his hope eternally:

People holy tell the story
of the glory of the Saviour;
praising ever, sinning never,
– Hallelujah!

‘Today you will be with me there’,
and in Christ’s glory he would share,
among the angels pure, and saints;
complete the blessings, no complaints,
for no-one suffers there, or faints.

Does this attract you, do you long
to go there, serve and raise your song
to him who reigns, salvation wrought
for those in Satan’s bondage caught,
to life and freedom, mercy brought?

People holy tell the story
of the glory of the Saviour;
praising ever, sinning never,
– Hallelujah!

“… we are getting what our sins deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong. … Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. …” ‘Today you will be with me in paradise’ Luke 23:41, 42
Tune: ‘Pwy sydd o fewn y nef yn byw?’ Joseph Parry

Palm Sunday (2)

Brief the glory and the praise,
some had jealousy and hate –
plotting in the coming days,
opportunity await.

He knew the agony drew near –
bruised, buried seed, raised to release
a lasting glory, harvest dear –
world-wide a people finding peace.

Though many scorned him in despite
of all they’d seen, and all they’d heard,
disliking what was good and right –
soon, some would joy in grace outpoured.

And so, he faced the awful pain,
the hinge of history, to bring
this good, and glory would remain –
eternal honour to the King.

Shown to be …

Not ‘just another man
deceiving for a span’,
for, just as he before foretold,
death did not keep its hold.

They’d seen his goodness pure,
and miracles galore;
though many had rejected him,
God proves Christ is his King.

Sin’s payment’s work complete,
there will be no repeat;
receive the righteousness he gives,
our Lord-Protector lives,

He sits at God’s right hand,
he promised he would send
his holy Spirit if you pray,
to help you walk his Way.
Tune: SM

John 18

He died while young, his death achieved
rich purpose: not the end;
and through his cross I have received
new Life as grace had planned.

Our Saviour bound – he let them bind
his powerful arms for me.
They did not listen, – with closed mind
accused, illegally.

Afraid, see Peter unprepared:
he fell as Christ foretold.
The suffering Jesus knew and cared –
forgave, made Peter bold.

These leaders then had to decide:
“Who is this man we face?”
Would they let prejudices guide,
or fairly judge his case?

What kind of King had been foretold?
How had Christ lived and taught?
To all his teaching, truth revealed,
who will give careful thought?
Tune: CM

Look, see the Lamb!

Look, see the Lamb!    (John 1:29)
God’s sinless Son,
for all my sin
he will atone.
But who will heed?
and who will bow?
and in their need,
come to him now?

Look, see the man! (John 19:5)
now flogged and mocked, –
no threat, or guilt!
Pilate was shocked –
‘Crucify, kill!’
The mob were led
to shout their will –
their Teacher dead.

Look, see your King! – (John19:14)
the Shepherd good.
God’s grace he’ll bring
by his shed blood.
They thrust aside
the witness heard;
his claims decried,

and gracious word.

Tune: LM eg Hereford by Samuel Wesley


Significant day, – the grave was secured:
the guard and the seal, as safe as they could;
ensuring his followers his body can’t steal,
to hoax men and and fabricate hopeless appeal.

What happened? The priests did not want to believe
the tale of the soldiers – gave bribes to deceive.
The disciples were changed – not by one who was dead,
but their Saviour had risen to life, as they said.

Death of Jesus Christ was real,
real the tomb and strong the seal;
genuinely from the grave
He was raised, equipped to save.
Our God is supernatural,
His purposes insuperable.
In kindness for our good He acts:
and who’s prepared to face the facts?