Perfect, Broken, New Perfect

The Bible begins with a perfect earth,
created in beauty with skill –
no illness, no strife and no famine, death,
with nothing to mar that good life until …

The end of the Bible reveals again
a perfect new heavens, new earth
when Jesus returns to judge everyone:
the pardoned gain life, not a living death.

We’re living between, with troubles to bear
because the Creator was spurned.
He’s calling to all to repent, come to share
in the future that Jesus has earned.

Tune: 10 8 10 10

His face shone, transfigured … Why?

His face shone like the sun,
his clothes as white as light –
his deity and glory shown:
an awesome, dazzling sight.

Elijah had appeared,
and also Moses too –
they spoke with Jesus of his death,
all that he soon would do.

As Peter, James and John
observed, a cloud came down,
enveloped them – they heard a voice.
– ‘He’s my beloved Son’.

‘With him I am well pleased.
Mankind should listen well.’
So, do we listen to those things
that Jesus came to tell?

And are we awed and thrilled
at such a glimpse of power
that will one day put right all wrongs –
a glorious judgement hour?

Tune: SM

‘Every eye shall see him’*

We’re waiting for his coming,
we do not know the hour
– it may seem he’s delaying,
but soon he’ll come with power
– he’s patiently time given us
to pray, anticipate
the Landlord is returning:
repent, be ready, wait.

Tune: 76 76 D eg Cruger (Hail to the Lord’s anointed) or Passion Chorale (O Sacred Head sore wounded)

‘He will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.’
Hebrews 9:28

* Revelation 1:7

The beginning and end of tears

This world, when all was brought to be –
the beauty, wonder we still see
was not yet marred in any way,
with no frustration, till fall’s day.
He who had mutinied, and lost
his place among the heavenly host,
became God’s enemy, until
an end to all his plans of ill.

So when God made the universe,
this Satan schemed, earned judgement’s curse;
he tempted Eve to doubt, rebel,
and so to sin and hurt she fell.
Could not for ever live like this,
their world and they were now amiss,
though still supported, all would groan
until salvation wrought, made known.

Christ came to pay the debt,  he will,
soon come again, and all fulfil,
and meanwhile hear now, heed his call
and friendship, like before the fall,
you can enjoy with God, and when
he comes, returns, a world that then
will have no damage, and no fears,
with happy work, no death, no tears.

Tune: LM or DLM ‘Ye banks and braes’


Adopted and redeemed,
welcomed and embraced,
justified, forgiven –
salvation’s facets traced.

His Spirit will comfort us
through life in this place,
and Christ soon will come for us:
high purpose of grace.

Sanctified, instructed,
chastened and preserved,
guarded and protected,
serving as we’re served.

Jesus raises his people

Because he lives, I’ll ever live –
as he was raised, so soon will I,
for though this mortal body die,
when Jesus comes, returns, He’ll give
to me a body like his own
– then sin, decay will be unknown

Creation groans because the fall
has caused such problems, but they’ll cease
– we eagerly await release
when Christ returns, believers all
will meet him, fully made anew,
the universe made glorious too.
Tune: 88 88 88

The 2 advents

Christ’s advent changed the world,
and brought anticipation –
a second advent soon
for wonderul completion:
the end of pain and weariness,
the end of death and sinfulness.

The date unknown, we live
in constant expectation
of better things ahead –
for all will give attention,
and everyone will stop and see
when Christ arrives all-gloriously.

But many won’t believe
(and make no preparation),
their days drift on until
the day of separation:
for only those by faith prepared
will be for ever with their Lord.

2 Peter 3:3-13 and Luke 18:8

The world will scoff, deny, forget
– they do not want to know
that to their Maker they’re in debt,
and praise, submission, owe.
Every eye will one day see him,
Jesus returning, majestic, reigning:
how many will be waiting
with faith, upon the earth?

Remember, though, how soon is meant
(God’s time’s not to our scale);
– he waits, that many may repent:
his coming will not fail.
Until every eye will see him,
Christ Jesus coming, in power returning,
I’ll trust, and while I’m waiting
urge faith upon the earth.

When he is ready, he will come:
the world will not expect
the awesome, judging, holy One
whom most now scorn, reject.
We look forward to his coming,
the old earth melting, the new appearing,
in him, keep persevering
in holy, godly faith.

(Tune: of ‘I know not how God’s wondrous grace’)

Jesus speaks of coming days

Mark 13
As Jesus left the earthly temple,
scene of barenness and greed,
so he spoke of its destruction,
for its symbols were to lead
to the perfect Sacrifice,
to the Christ who would suffice.

Times of turmoil, trouble always
from the curse ’til time will end;
day of grace brings persecution,
but his gospel God will send;
and the Day he’s indicated,
will come surely as appointed.

Watch out, – not deceived by folly
things false teachers slyly say.
Watch out for his help in trouble,
watch out for his coming Day.
Not deflected, not unready,
vigilant, alert, and steady.

Living between the 2 appearings

on Titus 2:11-14

With one eye looking back to when
the grace of God appeared,
and one eye looking on to where
all history is steered,
we navigate our path through ‘now’,
while treasured, guided here below.

He came, and gave himself for us,
redeemed us from our sin,
and slavery to wickedness,
to purify within:
we will turn from ungodliness,
and atheistic foolishness.

And as we wait for his return,
we’re eager to do good;
enticing, passing passions spurn,
set store on things of God;
preparing for his presence soon,
our loving and beloved Bridegroom