Acknowledge and Remember

Remember, give thanks for all endings of strife,
remember the many who died, gave their life
to help keep the safety of neighbours and kin,
and freedom from cruelty, tyranny, win.

Remember, be praying for those now bereaved,
those living in shock, who have many years grieved,
the widows, the fatherless, parents and friends –
for sorrow from loss to so many extends.

Remember, give thanks for our safety, and pray
that evil will be much confounded today,
and pray for all those who are yet facing death
that they may grasp grace, and a future by faith.

Remember the Saviour who willingly died,
that we may come to him in peace to abide
remember his sufferings deep to atone,
receive his redemption, his sovereignty own.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 sg St Luke

Remembrance Sunday Hymn

Galatians 1:3-5
So many have, in war, been willing
to lose their lives in hateful killing
to safeguard freedom for their nation:
we still need deeper liberation.

Christ gave himself to set us free
deliver from this tyranny
of sin and troubles, sorrow’s pain,
and pluck us from existence vain.

He drew the fire of judgement due
upon our sins, — we could not do
a thing to save ourselves, nor yet
deliver others, pay their debt.

Now free to live as God intended —
with daily grace and peace provided,
awaiting full relief and bliss
to ever praise where nought’s amiss.