Being Loving

(1 Timothy 1:5–7)
Love will grow from what foundation?
from a heart without pollution,
from a conscience cleansed and clear,
and a faith that’s true, sincere;

this the goal of our Redeemer, –
love, that makes us like our Saviour.

Prattling tongues and fervent folly,
sounding spiritual, but empty,
vain and meaningless, no profit,
– oh, that they would think, and stop it,

for they don’t know much about it,
though they confidently shout it.

He has triumphed

Revelation  chapter 5
Who is worthy to fulfil the Father’s plan?
The Lion, Lamb, Messiah, Son of Man,
who had authority to rule, reveal, redeem,
and love to leave the throne, as Substitute be slain:
he bought us, by his blood,  from darkness, death,
to God, from every corner of the earth,
to serve him in his kingdom: so we’ll bring
eternal worship to our Saviour-King.

Satan distracts

Subtle Satan in the garden
sought to draw them by deceit
from obedience, simple trust in
their Creator’s words complete.
Open opposition leaves us
unprepared for subtle lies,
small additions, deviations:
Satan counterfeits, beguiles.

Mere pretence and outward acting
cause confusion, disrespect;
many heresies then flourish: –
who are truly God’s elect?
Saints themselves may be distracted,
and entangled by such things,
scattered, arguing, neglecting
gospel truth that Jesus brings.

Trials show up false religion,
hills of problems make it plain
whether gold is real, or rather
glittering but fake and vain.
Has God’s Word been deeply rooted,
Christ, the Lord obeyed, confessed,
Life received that still will flourish
even better when oppressed?

True to the Lord

Acts 11:23
True to the Lord – to Jesus Christ, your Saviour,
True to the Lord – to Jesus Christ, your Lord,
True to the Lord – lean on his gracious favour,
according to his Word.

True to the Lord, with firm and fixed intention.
True to the Lord, – so purpose in your heart.
True to the Lord – who else can give salvation?
– eternal life impart?

True to the Lord, for strength to face temptation,
True to the Lord – abide in Christ, the Vine,
True to the Lord, with full determination,
– all needed grace is mine!

True to the Lord, and search the scriptures daily,
True to the Lord – learn of him from his Word,
True to the Lord – believe, obey more fully,
– a servant of the Lord!

True to the Lord – so let his Spirit fill you,
True to the Lord – and speak of Christ to all.
True to the Lord – see others long for God too,
and for his mercy call!