Because of Calvary

The crimson flow,
the life leaked out to death;

in final breath
he gasped his work was now completed,
satanic scheme had been defeated,
salvation pure procured,
for all who will receive,
content –
more white than snow
my guilty stain has be removed,
I know.

“I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! …

Who’d put their hope in a dead man?
in disappointment, fear they ran.
– But now, he lives! they’re full of joy,
they boldly speak, though threatened by
those who their bodies can destroy.

They know like Christ they will arise
– good news they gladly share
(though some will scorn and some despise):
his Resurrection they declare!

His life had always held surprise
of miracles, words kind and wise,
fulfilment of the prophecies –
view God, as Man, from death arise!

And so we know he’d fully paid
the price for pardon that was laid
upon the Son, – he has returned
to show that gift by us unearned
is his to give, – he lives for ever,
his grace and rule no-one can sever!

… And I hold the keys of death and Hades!” (Revelation 1:18)