The thief going to paradise

The thief repentant, on the cross,
acknowledged all his sin and loss,
and asked the Saviour mercy free,
and humbly trusted Him, and we
can share his hope eternally:

People holy tell the story
of the glory of the Saviour;
praising ever, sinning never,
– Hallelujah!

‘Today you will be with me there’,
and in Christ’s glory he would share,
among the angels pure, and saints;
complete the blessings, no complaints,
for no-one suffers there, or faints.

Does this attract you, do you long
to go there, serve and raise your song
to him who reigns, salvation wrought
for those in Satan’s bondage caught,
to life and freedom, mercy brought?

People holy tell the story
of the glory of the Saviour;
praising ever, sinning never,
– Hallelujah!

“… we are getting what our sins deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong. … Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. …” ‘Today you will be with me in paradise’ Luke 23:41, 42
Tune: ‘Pwy sydd o fewn y nef yn byw?’ Joseph Parry

Palm Sunday (2)

Brief the glory and the praise,
some had jealousy and hate –
plotting in the coming days,
opportunity await.

He knew the agony drew near –
bruised, buried seed, raised to release
a lasting glory, harvest dear –
world-wide a people finding peace.

Though many scorned him in despite
of all they’d seen, and all they’d heard,
disliking what was good and right –
soon, some would joy in grace outpoured.

And so, he faced the awful pain,
the hinge of history, to bring
this good, and glory would remain –
eternal honour to the King.

Jesus raises his people

Because he lives, I’ll ever live –
as he was raised, so soon will I,
for though this mortal body die,
when Jesus comes, returns, He’ll give
to me a body like his own
– then sin, decay will be unknown

Creation groans because the fall
has caused such problems, but they’ll cease
– we eagerly await release
when Christ returns, believers all
will meet him, fully made anew,
the universe made glorious too.
Tune: 88 88 88

Shown to be …

Not ‘just another man
deceiving for a span’,
for, just as he before foretold,
death did not keep its hold.

They’d seen his goodness pure,
and miracles galore;
though many had rejected him,
God proves Christ is his King.

Sin’s payment’s work complete,
there will be no repeat;
receive the righteousness he gives,
our Lord-Protector lives,

He sits at God’s right hand,
he promised he would send
his holy Spirit if you pray,
to help you walk his Way.
Tune: SM