Answering your heart!

When irritations, groans arise,
you hear your heart complain –
rebuff its voice with thinking wise
to trust and hope again.

Remind your soul of all you have
received from God through life.
Remember all the help he gave
in struggles and in grief.

So, give yourself a ‘talking-to’!
Above all else, delight
in all that Jesus came to do
to save you from sin’s plight.

cf Psalm 42:5
Tune: CM eg Brother James’ Air (one of the tunes of’The Lord’s my Shepherd’) or Amazing Grace etc

Troubles Rock

When your life is shaken,
feeling bruised and broken,
never lost, forsaken,
though your life is shaken.

From despair you’re lifted
though by Satan sifted,
faith, by God is gifted:
from despair you’re lifted.

Jesus says he’s praying
when he sees you straying,
tempted, disobeying,
Jesus still is praying.

Let him succour, leading
in his shelter feeding,
as he’s interceding,
let him succour, leading.

Tune: 66 66 trochaic eg Ravenshaw (tune of ‘Lord, Thy word abideth’)


(on Isaiah 6)
Lord, show us afresh your vast holiness, might,
revealing anew my great sin in your sight.
Please open our vision to view the stupendous
salvation procured for sinners atrocious.

And help me perceive then the wonder of pardon,
receiving the cleansing, the joy and the freedom
– that freedom to serve and to sense your embrace
empowering, equipping that service by grace.

Remind us to pause, and to contemplate, see
your majesty, love, so our worship will be
revived, stirred and contrite, our hearts overwhelmed,
delighting, rejoicing, luke-warmness dispelled.

eg St Luke 11 11 11 11


(cf Psalm 137)

Remembering sorrows, trials, grief
with no pretence of false relief;
the hurt not buried, brought to him
who healing help can truly bring.

I will remember Christ my Lord,
rejoicing in his saving Word.

Remember how conviction stirred
when gospel truth with faith you heard,
now love the place of his embrace,
taking delight in all his grace.

Remember evil is so vile,
God will bring justice, therefore while
we live, we warn to flee, repent
before the punishment is sent.

Tune: 88 88 88 eg Melita by J B Dykes  (tune of ‘Eternal Father stron to save’)or Surrey by Henry Carey

Dark Days

(Jeremiah 29 and Joseph)
However long you have to wait,
be patient for God’s time;
however much they hurt or hate,
your kindness, faith should shine.

So be a blessing where you are,
through all the troubled days,
and trust in him who’s strong, and plans
your good, and give him praise.

However much it seems to cheer,
don’t fall for comfort fake;
however strange things may appear,
God’s love makes no mistake.

So be a blessing where you are,
through all the troubled days,
and trust in him who’s strong, and plans
your good, and give him praise.


Do God’s children always feel a
deep assurance, joy and peace?
Do their fears, and darkness, doubting
disappear, – for ever cease?
Life anew, regeneration,
brings assurance to the soul,
though the turmoil can obscure the
peace and joy from mind’s recall.

Many days I thus delight in
when my soul rests as a child
on its gracious, loving Father,
sensing that he’s reconciled.
Days of trial, days of trouble,
days of trying dullness come, –
when I have to persevere, and
think of all that Christ has done.

Wait upon the Lord almighty
when you feel no peace or calm;
– his the grace that’s made me want sal-
-vation from all sin and harm.
Wait upon the Lord almighty;
look to him and daily drink –
no-one else can quench your thirst, and
lift you as you start to sink.

Praise and pray and serve him, trust him, –
more important than ‘felt’ peace. –
When obedient, God brings comfort,
to my darkness brings relief.
I’m imperfect, yet there are those
signs of life from God, new ways.
When I’m puzzled I must lean on
Jesus, through confusing days.

Ways of God are wise and gracious,
as he sanctifies Christ’s Bride;
heavenly Father knows that sometimes
our desires must be denied.
– ‘Do not give me all things easy,
lest I turn away to pride;
neither take all blessings from me,
keep me trusting at your side.’ (Proverbs 30:8,9)


Lamentations 3:19–26
If I feel depressed and lonely,
guilty, friendless, cross, cast-down,
turn my thoughts to all God’s goodness,
and the kindnesses I’ve known.
Why should bitterness engulf me?
Why should only good befall
one so sinful and so foolish? –
Let God teach my wayward soul.

If I cannot face my failings,
without feeling great despair,
and expect complete perfection
while this mortal life I bear; –
I must think upon the gospel, –
open offer, grace made known,
wait for his complete salvation,
fix my hope in Christ alone.

When in physical affliction,
or I’m hurt by what men say,
angry thoughts must not consume me,
nor from Jesus turn away;
and I too have sinned against him,
hurting others by my ways,
– so return, O LORD, restore me,
help me serve you all my days.
(Tune: 87 87D)

Perceptive Providence

Matthew 10:30  John 10:28,29   Daniel 3:27
O Lord, my God, I think with awesome wonder
of how you govern all the earth, and reign;
and as a Shepherd mighty, kind and tender,
plan for each sheep – their path of life ordain.
For every hair is numbered by the Lord,
and not a hair escapes his care;
and every single trouble that we bear
is under sovereign, loving care.

And when I feel that no-one understands me,
or when I’m lonely, anxious or depressed,
the One who scans my flesh and thoughts commands me
to pray, and trust he’ll help through every test.

There’s joy in heaven whenever one, repentant,
returns – by Christ is rescued from the foe; –
bought by his blood, and now God’s care is constant
– protects and teaches everywhere they go.

Those three did not have even smell of burning
when from the fiery furnace they emerged;
– God’s power displayed to one so slow in learning,
their clothes weren’t scorched, and not a hair was singed!
Tune: 11 10 11 10 + How great Thou art (Swedish-Russian Melody arr Stuart K Hine)

David learns, and perseveres

King David, choice of God for ruling,
his people leading many years;
composer, singing psalms appealing,
revealing faith he’d learnt in tears.

Whatever causes of his turmoil:
his sin, his troubles, scheming Saul:
however low, he’d still in prayer toil,
and on the Lord of promise call.

For laying hold of all God’s promised, –
see: that’s how David struggled up, –
a way of grace his God had furnished, –
the Lord himself would drink the cup.

And all his failings he acknowledged;
for his repentance was sincere.
He trusted, pleaded: God provided
assurance, peace, removed his fear.

Through faith the mouths of lions …

Hebrews 11:33–39
Through faith the mouths of lions
were shut, and fiery flame
was quenched; – the God all able
brought honour to his name.

Through faith, God’s people suffered
in persecution’s hour;
bore flogging, jeers and, torture
by Jesu’s grace and power.

Through faith some had escape from
the sword, but others bore
such death – their resurrection
ahead, by faith they saw.

The early Christian martyrs,
and Daniel, all were blest;
– the God of scripture trusted:
he helped them through the test.