on Isaiah chapters 49-55

on chapter 49
Servant called, equipped, prepared,
(showing splendour of the LORD)
to restore the remnant spared,
bring to Gentiles saving Word.

Shout for joy, rejoice with singing, –
freedom, pasture, shelter, light –
see what comfort he is bringing
in compassion at our plight.

Though by many scorned, forsaken,
by his Father he was raised;
and though Zion feels forgotten, –
on his hands they are engraved.

He’ll enlarge her population,
(civil war among her foes).
All mankind will see salvation
which the Mighty LORD bestows.

Isaiah 49:16 & Philippians 4:13,19
‘Look, behold I have engraved you
on my hands, upon my palms.
I, your Saviour and Redeemer
have you in my mighty arms.’

Safe, secure: we’re not deserted;
power, strength and wisdom too
in Christ Jesu’s glorious riches,
– ‘What I need to, I can do.’

on chapter 50
Sent away because of sinning, –
not cast off, – he calls you, – hear!
Wicked schemes recoil, the godly
trust and wait when trouble’s near.

But the Servant listens daily,
to obey, instruct and cheer;
willing for contempt and mockery,
which his Father helps him bear.

on chapter 51
From of old God’s helped his people,
those who seek him and believe,
making righteousness their purpose;
and they know they will receive
all the best that he has promised;
his words and law they love, revere.
His salvation is for ever,
scorn and insults do not fear,
though this earth wears out, his power
soon will free, they’ll no more cower;
his wrath will then be faced by those
tormentors: Oh, our Lord awake!
fulfil your word, your people shake!

The ransomed of the LORD are bound where
their joy and singing will be full,
no sadness, sorrow, sighing found there
in their heavenly home at all.

on chapter 52
Their captors had seized: God redeems, with no payment.
Wake up! shake your shackles, no further postponment,
freed from th’oppressor, – whose blasphemy’s stopped:
His people will know,
to the world he will show
he powerfully works, – out of slavery they go.

Good news: God reigns, salvation comes.
The LORD returns, his holy ones
he leads, and guards around.

His Servant he will raise,
and silenced kings will on him gaze,
startled at his awesome mission,
though hurt and marred beyond description.

How beautiful the feet which bring
good news of peace with God, the King;
and preachers gifted from above
are tokens of the Father’s love.

The harvest needs such labourers sent
by God, to teach men to repent,
and wield his Word, convict of sin,
and news of Jesus Christ to bring.

God’s people need to learn, and grow
in righteousness, God’s wisdom know;
be fed on Christ, the living Bread,
and in their Bible study led.

So pray that Christ his gifts will give,
equip his church to brightly live, –
shine forth with light to those around,
in love and purity abound.

on chapter 53
Quietly came the Servant ordained
for restoration and redemption
of God’s people, lost and maimed
by foolishness and lust’s deception.

Man of sorrows, man despised
was punished so that we’d have peace
– healed by his wounds, – the LORD afflicted
his precious servant he must pierce.

We all like sheep have gone astray,
and our iniquity God laid
on him, though we had lived our way:
the servant’s joy to see us saved!

on chapter 54
Though in decline, a weakened nation,
the time will come of great expansion, –
the LORD regenerating and creating,
such numbers in his laws delighting.
No more will he desert to chasten:
his love unfailing can’t be shaken.

His city built with strength and beauty
will know his peace, protection mighty;
and all who serve there know his training,
and righteousness: his church sustaining.

on chapter 55
So come, receive this great salvation.
All has been paid for full redemption.
Don’t waste wealth on what’s just deception,
and lose both life and satisfaction.

Hear, seek and quickly call, return,
forsake your foolish way, and learn,
accept his will, and ask for pardon,
for he is mighty, and with wisdom
he speaks and works his will and judgement:
his promises are joy abundant.

The nations come to see the splendour,
and witness of his gospel wonder.

Covenant eternal – if you want to live –
listen – God will freely endless kindness give:
satisfying water, soul–reviving wine,
milk and food sustaining rich new life sublime.

Wicked thoughts and actions – scorn and leave them all.
Seek the Lord, receive him, turn to him and call.
Mercy and free pardon, feast of joy and peace,
life abundant, – heaven soon brings full release.

God is greater, wiser, and his thoughts and ways
far excel his children’s, causing fear and praise;
and he will accomplish all his good desire:
purposes eternal we will soon admire.

All his Words are precious, powerful and pure.
Only he can give you Life that will endure.
Everyone who’s thirsty, empty, tired, lost –
all you truly need is offered at no cost.
Tune: 65.65. D eg Goshen

Resurrection facts

People like a nice idea,
comfortable things to hear.
Surely we can’t really know
Christ arose so long ago?

Men and women were astounded,
and their witness brave was founded
on their talking, touching, eating
with their risen Saviour meeting.

What an awesome great event
– God had raised the Son he sent,
now to be the Judge and Saviour
– read the statements, truth consider.

The sign on the cross

John 19:19-22
“The King of the Jews”,
the sign there proclaimed –
maybe to amuse
the Governor, – he shamed
their malice displayed.

But they were dismayed!
‘Write only, “he claims …” ’

It’s written: He reigns;
and so it will be,
soon all men will see.

5 days – so much change

Zechariah 9:9 and Matthew 21:8,9; 27:20
Rejoice! your gentle King has come,
proclaiming peace to everyone
he has salvation to bestow:
the crowd were glad their joy to show.

Within a week the tide had turned, –
the anger of the leaders burned,
persuaded those who gathered round,
their gracious King to death to hound.