Satan’s schemes

We’ll encounter opposition,
– in Christ prepare;
persecution and oppression,
upheld by prayer!
Satan schemes to cause division,
disappointment and confusion.
We have plentiful provision –
armour to wear.

For his hateful, evil purpose
(watch! be aware!)
is to spoil your joy and witness, –
learn, and prepare!
To your eyes he brings distraction –
hindering your contribution:
recognise his sly deception:
Christians take care!

Enemy to be avoided:
schemeing – beware!
Use the shield and sword provided:
Christians, prepare!
When you’re weary, feel defeated,
from God’s path you’ve deviated,
with God’s Word you aren’t excited:
spend time in prayer.

Satan sowing pride and smugness,
(saints should beware!)
doubt and envy nurture sadness:
bow down in prayer.
Needing mercy, – where is boasting?
Word of God believe, obeying;
power of Christ in never-failing:
Satan beware!!
Tune: Ar hyd y nos

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