Praying in need

Luke 11:9-13
Whatever the trouble, whatever is wrong,
remember to pray, and it may seem quite long
before you receive the expected supply,
but be quite specific, explain to him why
you’re troubled, and needy, unhappy, perplexed,
and say in what way you desire to be blessed.

It may be that someone accuses of sin; –
the Lord knows the truth, bring the matter to him;
be willing, desire to be shown if it’s true;
he’ll give us forbearance, and sanctify too.
We all need that God will interpret his Word –
apply to our lives and our hearts what we’ve heard.

4 Life-spans

One had had a busy life that satisfied,
laboured, service useful, with no pride;
patient now, enduring illness, weak’ning frame,
with forebearance, waiting joy to come.

One had struggled on, no sense of great fulfilment,
persevered and helped, with no resentment;
suddenly, a special task when hair was grey,
’til he dropped ‘in harness’, one good day.

One sought only pleasure, pleasure rarely came,
weary, feeling bitterness, not shame.
other people he accused of lacking care, –
he’d shown little effort love to share.

One such prodigal awoke to sense one day –
saw his emptiness, and turned away,
left his sterile self-sufficiency, and found
grace, now glad in good works to abound.