Adopted and redeemed,
welcomed and embraced,
justified, forgiven –
salvation’s facets traced.

His Spirit will comfort us
through life in this place,
and Christ soon will come for us:
high purpose of grace.

Sanctified, instructed,
chastened and preserved,
guarded and protected,
serving as we’re served.

on Romans 5:8

Jesus died upon a cross.
Why? What for? for who? for us
we had nothing to commend,
no desire to be God’s friend;
sinners unendearing, no
power to change, to better do –
but his love, great grace procured
through this death that he endured.

He who sent his Son for this,
cleanses, draws, receive his kiss –
he’s then able to preserve,
hold us when we slip or swerve,
mould, prepare us for his heaven –
grace continues when once given.
Is our love like his for us
– reaching out to others thus?

(Tune: 77 77D)

on 1 Peter 2:1-3

1. Tasting riches of salvation,
see God’s goodness more and more,
blessèd fellowship experience –
life unknown when dead before.

Taste and see our Saviour’s goodness,
rid yourselves of all that’s wrong,
feeding in the Bible daily –
newborn babies growing strong.

2. Quit the poison that will weaken –
malice, slander and deceit;
shun emaciating envy,
hypocritical conceit.

3. Crave the milk of God, his scriptures,
that mature and make us grow
strong and healthy, firmly founded
to delight this Lord we know.

(tune of ‘All that thrills my soul is Jesus’)