Praying for watering of the seed;
praying when facing a time of need;
praying for glory to God above:
constant communion, dependant love.

Contrite, for mercy first ask, sincere;
praying with passion God’s glory here;
praying with sympathy, intercede:
frequently praying, give time to plead.

JOY (Philippians 2:3-5)

“Not my will but yours, (Matthew 26:39)
though it lead to the cross.”

“Not my will but his,
though there’s hardship and loss.
He loves me, but knows
that for joy to be full,
I must know submission,
to his Word and his will.”

J: 1st Jesus in your thought,
O: then others need support.
Y: yourself in proper place,
– that’s the way of joy and peace.