Feverish souls

Revelation 3:3  Luke 4:38,39
Spirit’s ills are easily caught –
gloom spreads quickly around:
feeding neglected and minds untaught;
feverish souls abound.
Spirits revived and restored to health,
strength and health, inward wealth;
sprits revived and restored to health;
Jesus they serve with joy.

Tossing, reckless, minds cannot stay
calm for reading and prayer, –
flicking through pages – thoughts far away:
anxious and full of care.

Patience low, and zeal up and down;
trivial remedies given. –
What brought it on – are there ‘germs’ around?
Yes, ’til we get to heaven.

Sin surrounds us, filth everywhere
can infect everyone.
Turn to the Saviour in humble prayer; –
ask Jesus Christ to come.

Strength is sapped, and beauty is marred,
hope becomes rather dim.
Jesus can help when the way seems hard.
– Put all your trust in him.
Tune: Burdens are lifted at Calvary

Longing for home

This life can seem a wilderness,
with Zion far ahead, –
by grace, like manna, Christ can bless –
he is the living Bread.

Though tasting much of heavenly grace
upon this pilgrim way,
yet we should long to see Christ’s face, –
he will return one day.

He wants his children to press on
and serve while living here,
empowered and strengthened, and to long
that soon he will draw near.

His coming may seem long-delayed,
we may not think it near;
but soon his power will be displayed,
his enemies will fear.     (CM)

Let truth enter in

Prepared to believe in men’s lies, futile thought,
instead of believing the truth God has taught,
with thinking affected and coloured by sin:
Don’t follow the masses – let truth enter in.

For most do not live in the light of God’s Word,
and can’t understand when true wisdom is heard;
their reasoning’s darkened, things spiritual seem
perplexing, and nonsense, a joke or a dream.

They never have tasted the life of the Lord.
Have you been enlightened, your vision restored?
Those negligently sliding away from Life’s source,
will find so-called pleasures soon leave them far worse.

Don’t lose sensitivity, hearts that take care
to listen and ponder God’s words that you hear;
if hardened, his words you don’t care to recall,
you won’t enjoy peace in your floundering soul.

The deeper one swims into selfishness, sin,
the beckoning vision, of pardon, grows dim;
so turn from the wastage of lust, foolish pride,
and draw near to Christ, know content at his side.

Corrupting ‘additions’

Satan’s crafty, sly and slick,
and distracts with many a trick
from God’s Word and into lie,
– novel rituals he’ll supply,
or revive the old or ancient,
– anything to supplement
and soon smother revelation,
truth of God for every nation:

so be ready, and aware
of the things that can ensnare.

Do we cherish some tradition
inessential as condition
for true fellowship, or even
introduce lies, toxic leaven?

Communicate God’s Word alone
to whoever has not known.

The light shines in the darkness …

The darkness could not quench the light,
which brightly shone and pierced the night;
though Herod tried, and those who hate,
who wanted to eradicate
the inconvenient light disclosing
truth and right, and wrong exposing;
and Satan many times has tried
to snuff the light out, truth to hide,
so evil, misery could reign,
and God’s escape-route lie unseen.

The gospel light was not extinguished,
evil’s attacks will soon be finished.