Pure Heart (Calon Lan)

Do not long to live in plenty,
life of ease, or worldly fame;
pray a happy heart of beauty,
cleansed from selfishness and shame.

Heart that’s filled with love and goodness –
holy heart is wholly His,
such will ever sing with gladness:
foretaste of eternal bliss.

If I wanted wealth that’s passing
soon it flies, or wastes away;
this I ask brings profit lasting –
sweeten, cleanse my heart each day.

Honest heart I cannot purchase –
mighty Saviour can bestow,
and can daily grant forgiveness,
washing, causing love to grow.

This is based on the Welsh words of  ‘Calon Lân’ by Mr Daniel James
Tune: 87 87 D eg Calon Lân by John Hughes

This is based on the Welsh hymn often sung at Rugby Internationals.
Do they think of the meaning of the words??

Decalogue – Ten Words

Ten facets of love,
ten words that abide
which I love, for they guide
in love horizontal
outflowing and growing
from vertical love
that worships ‘I Am’,
without idol form,
(his name used with care,
and a rest day for prayer):
so, at home, love, respect,
and to neighbours, no hate,
the pledges protect
that seal wedded state,
shun stealing that cheats,
speak truth, not deceits,
no coveting greed,
but thanks for met need –
no flaws in these laws,
though my love is lacking,
failing and cracking,
but Love’s mighty plan,
his grace for us won
and power issues forth
from that love of
incomp’rable worth:
for Jesu’s life shone
with this love, ten-in-one:
incarnate Love-Word.


on Romans 5:8

Jesus died upon a cross.
Why? What for? for who? for us
we had nothing to commend,
no desire to be God’s friend;
sinners unendearing, no
power to change, to better do –
but his love, great grace procured
through this death that he endured.

He who sent his Son for this,
cleanses, draws, receive his kiss –
he’s then able to preserve,
hold us when we slip or swerve,
mould, prepare us for his heaven –
grace continues when once given.
Is our love like his for us
– reaching out to others thus?

(Tune: 77 77D)

The Ugly and the Beautiful

on Mark 14:1-11
They were filled with venom,
bitter, scheming, sly,
did not like his wisdom,
wanted him to die.

Judas, thief and traitor,
chose to leave, betray,
spurned his Master, Saviour,
turned against his Way.

Beautiful the contrast:
perfume, love, outpoured,
now the scent encompassed,
honouring her Lord.

Rash their rushing judgement:
this was not a waste –
imminent assignment
so immense he faced:

Treatment harsh and vicious
leading to the grave,
though he’d be victorious,
hard his route to save.

Tune: 65 65

God’s Saving Love

Amazing, awesome, wonderful
is God’s unspotted love.
Its span we cannot fathom,
its greatness far above
mere human understanding –
a love that’s not concealed,
for he has demonstrated
his love intense, revealed.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful –
the love that God has shown.
He showed his love by sending
his one and only Son;
and to our world he sent him, –
a world at enmity,
so hostile to its Maker,
and love and purity.

And we should love each other,
and show our love, reveal
in word and deed unselfish,
the love the ransomed feel.
Love brethren, – saints imperfect, –
though in this hostile world,
upon those who are loving,
scorn, insults may be hurled.

True love can reach an enemy,
can touch a heart like stone,
can melt its opposition,
for few such love have known.
A rebel’s heart may soften
to listen to God’s Word
when shown concern and kindness
by him from whom its heard.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful –
the love that we should show
if God lives in us, loving,
and Jesus Christ we know,
reborn and recreated to
righteousness and love,
by loving people showing
we love our God above.

The pattern of our love

cf 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind,
never purposefully blind,
tastes ridicule and rebuff,
but has no pretence, or bluff,
hypocrisy or discontent,
and no envious intent,
won’t to jealousy give in,
is not proud, or centred in
‘me’, will not show off, or boast,
not self-seeking, grabbing most;
love’s not rude, and does not brood,
is not quickly drawn to anger,
does not delight to point the finger,
tries past hurts to ‘not remember’,
isn’t pleased with evil, slander,
glad of truth, and works for good,
perseveres, protects, – love should
always be like this, but we
often fail so miserably.

Being Loving

(1 Timothy 1:5–7)
Love will grow from what foundation?
from a heart without pollution,
from a conscience cleansed and clear,
and a faith that’s true, sincere;

this the goal of our Redeemer, –
love, that makes us like our Saviour.

Prattling tongues and fervent folly,
sounding spiritual, but empty,
vain and meaningless, no profit,
– oh, that they would think, and stop it,

for they don’t know much about it,
though they confidently shout it.


(Proverbs 18:24 etc. )
Created not to be alone, _
my Maker did intend
I love him with my heart and mind,
be to my neighbours good and kind:
a true and trusted friend.

We should endeavour to keep peace,
encourage and defend,
support and not retaliate;
good friendships try to cultivate,
to be a helpful friend.

And special, deeper friendships will
on openness depend;
consistently give love and care,
and thoughtfully advise and share:
to be a precious friend.

And Christ can make our love improve;
ill-treated hearts he’ll mend.
He never hurts by fickle mood,
he’s always working for our good:
the only perfect Friend.

Tune: ‘Rest’ by F C Maker

Loving God’s people

John 13:34,35
Never had been demonstrated
love like that of Jesus, Lord,
and those whom he’s saved, adopted
know this grace and love outpoured;
love and time they gladly give,
serve his people as they live.

Now the world sees demonstrated
love like that of Jesus, Lord,
Church attendance may be noticed,
but it’s caring love outpoured
shows them that we are in him,
– and their interest this may win.

This commandment needs attention,
loving sacrificially:
as we think of our redemption,
caring for his family:
generous, practical; and pray
that they’ll trust their Lord, obey.
Tune of ‘Master Speak, Thy servant heareth’
[also filed under ‘Church’]

‘Love … always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres’ (1 Corinthians 13:7a)

Love does not assume evil motive,
but looks for some good intent;
not gullible, foolishly trusting,
but hopes that no ill is meant.

Protects and trusts,
Love hopes and protects, on and on.
Love trusts, and hopes,
love hopes and protects when it can

Love shows it expects kindly actions,
encourages such from all,
protects the one who is slipping,
supports, helps him not to fall.

And show that you really believe that
it’s possible they could reach
a better standard of loving,
and gain from the words you teach.

With God mighty changes can happen,
and battles with sin are won.
He’s willing to hear sinners calling,
and gladly will help each one.
Tune: Redeemed