When he came to his senses …

Luke 15:11-32
Rejecting the love, he wanted to be
as free as his dreams: demanded, ‘Give me … ’;
then far, far away, he squandered, and lost –
all wasted, and tasted hunger and thirst;
was cheated, defeated, grubby, unclean,
illusions were broken, deceived by a dream.
He came to his senses, remembered his home,
and got up, returned (for the thing must be done),
confessing his shame, he asked for some grace.
How pleased was the Father: warm welcome, embrace;
the deadly experience of misery and gloom,
eclipsed then by joy inexpressible known.

But someone was jealous: he thought he had earned
far more than the one who’d deserted, love scorned.

Heaven prepared

Soon there’ll be days of glory
Where there will be no pain;
there poverty, injustice
will not be known again.
Jesus prepares this heaven,
and he will take you there,
if you have been forgiven,
this glorious hope to share.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
no-one will ever fight;
joyful,complete submission
to him who rules aright.
Jesus prepares
. . .

Soon there’ll be days of glory;
I do not have a claim
of innocence, so, trembling
I pray in Jesu’s name.
No-one deserves this heaven
nor entry-rights possess;
but we can be forgiven, –
in grace this God can bless.

Jesus came here form heaven
to take the punishment
instead of guilty sinners
who truthfully repent.
Receive this great salvation,
receive this pardon free,
the purchased full redemption,
for all eternity.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
but when the Judge holds court,
to heaven there’s no admission
without a pardon bought.
Jesus prepares this
heaven . . .

Tune: 76 76 76 76

Promises of Return

1 Cor.11:26; 1 Kings 22:17,18,26-35; Ecc.9:11; Pr 19:21
King Ahab said, ‘Until
I come, in prison you stay
on bread and water. – In disguise,
I will succeed today.

He did not like God’s Word.
He thought he could prevent
the certain word Micaiah spoke:
at random, death was sent.

Our sacrament reminds
us of the death of Christ,
and what was done: until that Day
he comes to take the blest.

And he will come again,
for certain in his Word,
and time and chance are ruled by One
who is the Sovereign Lord.

As he draws near …

1 Cor.15:50-53; 1 Thess. 4:14-17; Lk 21:28; Rev.6:15-17; 11:15-18
We do not know the hour
when Jesus will return,
but he will come with power –
this universe will burn.
Lift up your heads
as he draws near:
rejoice, though stubborn sinners fear.

His children will be raised,
or meet him in the air –
then quickly they’ll be changed,
his glorious home to share.     Lift up your heads …

The final trumpet sounds, –
we’re waiting eagerly;
and praise in heaven resounds, –
Christ comes triumphantly.     Lift up your heads …

The kingdom of the world
has now become his own –
the kingdom of our Lord,
and of his worthy Son.
Our hope’s not vain, –
Christ comes again, –
and unopposed he’ll ever reign.

We give you thanks, O Lord,
for judgement good, complete,
and gracious, sure reward
to saints, both small and great.      Our hope’s not vain …

Tune: 66 66 88 Gopsal (Rejoice, the Lord is King)