Contentment or contempt

The showers of blessings refresh grateful souls
– absorbed like the rain when it onto earth falls,
but hearts that are hardened don’t let blessings in –
like ducks’ backs and rocks that just brush away rain.

Contempt for the blessings God’s goodness supplies
will wither the soul, just as greed will despise
provisions provided for needs and relief,
and crave for the coveted things that bring grief.

The children of Israel were tempted to cry,
forgetting the slavery – the different supply
of food they had left there they longed for – distrust,
impatience, ingratitude filled them with lust.

Tune: 11 11 11 11

A ray of clear light …

In the fog all grope and grieve –
needing light that won’t deceive,
truth enlightening muddled mind
shows the pardon we can find.

Born with ease to lie, a skill,
soon improved to trick at will
– what a pointless exercise,
one day grief for all those lies.

Light can hope and goodness build,
prophecies have been fulfilled;
cynicism will not aid,
grasp true hope that will not fade.

Tune: 77 77 eg Buckland (tune of ‘Loving Shepherd of thy sheep)

Good Seed

The seed of God’s truth
falls into good ground,
is watered by thought:
fruit soon will abound.

Grows up to the light then
that triggers growth strong
well rooted, new life, joy
bursts forth into song!

A plant with good fruit,
refreshing and calm,
with shelter for others,
and comforting balm –

God’s kingdom’s still growing
throughout all the earth,
unnoticed, but lasting:
it’s branches spread forth.

Tune: 10 10 11 11 eg Houghton
[Mark 4: 30-32; Matthew 13:31,32]