His Majesty

Psalm 139:1-16
I may choose to be a loner,
I may hide my past and plans;
but I can’t flee my Creator,
every inmost thought he scans.
So his presence thus surrounds me,
he’s aware of all I do,
with discernment that confounds me
– all is open to his view.

Wonderful complex creation,
skill almighty is revealed;
weighing mountain, earth and ocean,
sov’reign power he’ll always wield
over rulers, over nations,
over stars light-years away –
beyond human contemplations:
majesty holds perfect sway.

So to whom can we compare him?
Majesty we can’t define;
for we cannot comprehend him,
and his ways are so sublime.
Power and love of God consider,
when you feel he does not care;
he alone wise help can render,
strength renew: persist in prayer.

Tune: 87 87 87 87 eg Mountain Light by M Wostenholm

The pattern of our love

cf 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind,
never purposefully blind,
tastes ridicule and rebuff,
but has no pretence, or bluff,
hypocrisy or discontent,
and no envious intent,
won’t to jealousy give in,
is not proud, or centred in
‘me’, will not show off, or boast,
not self-seeking, grabbing most;
love’s not rude, and does not brood,
is not quickly drawn to anger,
does not delight to point the finger,
tries past hurts to ‘not remember’,
isn’t pleased with evil, slander,
glad of truth, and works for good,
perseveres, protects, – love should
always be like this, but we
often fail so miserably.

Has healed, can heal, will heal

A leper, ill, distressed, unkempt;
Christ had compassion, not contempt:
he touches – no contamination,
but, cleansing flows from him to heal
the leper – decontamination
from all he had to bear and feel.

A man so paralysed had friends,
who heard that Jesus heals and mends
trouble, sickness, disability:
they brought him close to the vicinity
where Jesus was instructing
and through the roof they lowered him
But first he pardoned, and some sneered,
‘God only can do that!’, thoughts jeered.
But Jesus then his power displayed,
authority to sins forgive,
by healing this paralysis:
and one day all that is amiss
he will put right, his kingship show,
but now trust and much blessing know,
and ask he pardon all you owe.

Rags to Riches

“Replace those clothes so soiled and worn,
with rich, clean garments that adorn.
So famished, that you pigswill crave:
the Prince adopts you! and will save
from such a life, that Monster’s slave,
by ‘friends’ impoverished, and bled,
who later disappeared, well fed;
the riches you will now enjoy
no rust or scoundrel can destroy;
receive a strength secure, and ‘eyes’
that understand, and grow more wise,
a ‘Husband’ trustworthy and kind,
brings satisfaction, peace of mind,
and helps you use your talents, gifts;
– you’re loved, and liked (your spirit lifts),
respected, thanked, fulfilled, worth while
your life and labours, no more vile;
a sense of purpose and a view
that stretches through the troubles true,
and knows that happiness will yet
remain supporting, and will get
still better, fuller, richer, sweeter,
and truly be ‘for ever after’ ”.

on Ephesians 1:15-23

Pray for each other that we’ll grow
taught by his Spirit, more to know
increased acquaintance with our God,
greater perception of his Word.

Pray, pray for each other,
pray, pray to our Father,
pray, giving thanks for all he’s done,
thanks for each Christian, every one.

Pray that we’ll more the riches see,
glorious hope of what’s to be,
and that he’s sanctifying me
to be his child eternally.

Pray that his power we’ll understand
power to help, fulfil, command,
Head of the church, may we display,
more of our Saviour: this we pray.
Tune: More about Jesus LM+

The holy God of reconciliation

Holy God of light and splendour,
sovereign majesty and fire;
he created man to know him,
though his being is far higher;
all his greatness and his wisdom
none can fully comprehend;
God omniscient who alone has
no beginning and no end.

Absolute in moral cleaness,
and completely undefiled;
loving good, and hating evil;
how can man be reconciled?
Son of God – all pure – took judgement,
that this God may be our Friend.
We may know him as our Father,
on his help and love depend.

Mighty glorious gospel message:
holy God approached and cared,
cared for enemies, for sinners,
and the broken bond repaired;
and he drew us, recreated
in his image to do good;
clothed and pardoned, gave his Spirit:
stand in awe, adore this God!