Mary’s Tale

By power almighty my son was conceived
before I was married – God’s word I believed.
He also told Joseph this all was his will,
for this was the way he’d salvation fulfil.

Then when he was born, and in manger bed laid,
some shepherds arrived who amazing things said.
So much I’d been told of the role of my son
– his future, I pondered on what was to come.

His ministry, labour would start in due time,
displaying, revealing his nature divine.
Soon after beginning to teach and prepare,
we saw, at a wedding, a glimpse of his power.

His brothers (all younger) at first were concerned,
could not understand him, but later discerned
his saving commission as Lamb and as Lord,
and my heart was bleeding as his life was outpoured.

He saw from the cross, and asked John to be son
to comfort me, caring as he would have done.
You know that from death he returned by God’s power;
soon leaving for heaven, we waited his hour:

We gathered to pray, for his Spirit would come,
on all who now realised my babe was God’s Son,
our Saviour who’d purchased salvation, kind Lord:
this news must be spread out around all the world.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg St Denio, tune of ‘Immortal, Invisible, God only wise’)
(cf for instance, Luke 1:32-35; 2:19,20, 33-35; John 2:1-11; 19:26,27; Acts 1:14)

A Carol

A birth by miracle – a son,
God forms within the mother
before her marriage union, one
who’s human and a Saviour.

See! See! the Son has come,
the only perfect Saving One.
Sing! Sing! the joy he’ll bring
to all who find our Jesus.

For God exists, and truly can
do what would seem impossible,
and no denial by mere man
can prove it is incredible.

Exclusive claim, unique, not my
opinion or invented tale.
Will you ignore it, or rely?
– his help will never ever fail.

It’s indescribable, we’re speechless,
for why such truth and kindness?
A real solution (for the helpless),
for death, and guilt, and sadness!

87 87 if with refrain Greensleves

On Psalm 74

Oh, do we feel anguish, and agony, shame,
when evil is thriving, and scorn of God’s name,
his church weak and suffering, the gospel ignored,
and few seem to value rich truth of his Word?

We seek you, Oh Lord, in perplexity cry,
desiring your glory, we plead, asking ‘Why?’
We think of your cross, of your plan, and the past
revivals – how long must this mockery last?

Oh, God of the covenant, come to our aid
– your honour uplifted, your mercy displayed,
your kingdom extended; come, evil confound,
and humble us, shatter the lies that abound.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg St Luke or Montgomery (tune of ‘How firm a foundation’) of even Houghton can be used.