New church, devoting themselves to …

They (those converted at the Day of Pentecost, when Peter preached) devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42

New life, a fledgling church
in love, together bound.
They’d seen their guilt, rebellion, sin,
then God’s forgiveness found.

Baptized, they joined his church,
adopted, with new kin,
devoted to their Saviour’s Word
to grow in pleasing him.

Blest fellowship with all
who know Him, old and young,
the rich, the poor: all care and share –
God values everyone.

They love to meet to keep
remembrance of his death,
break bread his cov’nant to proclaim
‘til he returns to earth.

Delight to meet to pray
requests together raise,
the whole church asking God to bless,
unitedly they praise.

Devotion’s strength may lapse –
distracted by your cares?
or in your busyness, your love,
grown cooler, unawares?

Give thought to how you came
to be reborn, made new,
devotion rouse to Him who has
done wondrous things for you.

Tune: SM eg tune of ‘Blest be the tie that binds’

Approaching Communion

1 Corinthians 11:17-32
Unity, no biting schism
in his church, avoid division, –
imperfections can cause friction –
immature, and lacking wisdom:

but we all who love the Father,
must seek peace, love one another.

Gather, worship God together,
for his death give thanks, remember,
while partaking of his supper
in a right and proper manner:

this brings glory to the Saviour,
and does good to one another.

Looking round, does peace abound here?
Looking inward, what is found there?
Faith, repentance, love to God
and the people of the Lord?

Self-examination’s better
than chastisement hard and bitter.

Looking up to God, the Founder
of salvation’s plan of wonder;
looking back at Calvary,
all that Christ has done for me:

this we show by wine and bread
’til he comes, – we look ahead!


(1 Corinthians  11:23-26)
In remembrance
of our Saviour:
memorial, set in bread and wine,
of his death that brought such favour,
and the covenant divine.

Types and shadows pointed forward,
to this focal point, the cross;
and, since then his church looks backward,
to this source of life and grace.

Proclamation ’til his coming:
we, who now have life from him,
show his sacrificial dying
for the punishment of sin.

As we take the supper often,
we think gladly every time,
of our cleansing, sins forgiven,
eternal nourishment divine.

The Lord’s Supper

We eat the bread – He gave
himself to judgement’s pain
deserved by all my sins, to save:
new Life from him I gain.

We drink the wine, He bled
God’s covenant to seal;
the blood that purchased peace was shed:
a just and awesome deal!

Remembering thus, we show
Christ’s death until he come,
– in him we boast, his mercy know:
The Lamb upon the throne!  Tune: SM

Promises of Return

1 Cor.11:26; 1 Kings 22:17,18,26-35; Ecc.9:11; Pr 19:21
King Ahab said, ‘Until
I come, in prison you stay
on bread and water. – In disguise,
I will succeed today.

He did not like God’s Word.
He thought he could prevent
the certain word Micaiah spoke:
at random, death was sent.

Our sacrament reminds
us of the death of Christ,
and what was done: until that Day
he comes to take the blest.

And he will come again,
for certain in his Word,
and time and chance are ruled by One
who is the Sovereign Lord.

The Lord’s Supper

1 Cor.11:23-26; Matt.26:26-28 & John 20:19-34
His nail-pierced hands, his spear-slashed side,
revealing this is he who’d died,
but living now, his work complete,
– remembered as we drink and eat:

the wine we share, the broken bread –
his body damaged, torn, blood shed,
to bring the covenant full remission
of sins.

His powerful resurrection
means ’til he comes, his symbols show
we’re his, his fellowship to know.

The sacrament instituted

This final supper shared together,
his last memorial Passover meal
before fulfilment: Christ, the Saviour
then shed his blood sins to conceal,
and gives us life through body broken:
and of these coming things he’d spoken
while instituting this first supper,
so we his death will still remember.

This covenant given in his shed blood,
for peace, – redemption’s price he paid:
I eat and drink memorial food
and so by symbols see displayed
the blessings which his death procured –
life, pardon now received by faith,
proclaimed, reminded, and assured
until he comes once more to earth.