Freedom from oppression,
cruel domination,
manipulation, exploitation,
– universal greed for gain;
freedom from the pace and stress, –
peers-pressuring excess;
freedom from imprisoning chain,
and from all ill-health, and pain;
freedom from my guilt and shame,
self-convicting, well-earned blame.

Freedom from the pull of habit,
– want to quit, but cannot snap it:
paradox, that strength for progress
comes with heavenly bonds of service:
quickened aptitude,
grace and gratitude.

Some have had to fight, with gun,
those who kill, enslave and maim;
some have had to flee, and run
to a place where once again
they their families may feed,
worship God, with godly creed, –
from coercion, and the greed,
of those power-abusers, freed.

Perfect freedom: coming kingdom,
perfect law, and no-one poor,
never crime, nor aggravation,
universal full submission
to that perfect legislation;
harmony, and satisfaction.

Testimony to personal release

“O son, you know my life was such a mess,
– brought others, and myself distress;
you know things now are so much better,
since, by God’s grace, I broke that fetter,
and found the freedom for a life
that doesn’t injure children, wife;
and so you know why now I urge
you, – follow his good ways, and purge
away temptations fierce, by grace,
(the things you saw your Dad embrace),
and care for family and friends,
with work, and trust, and make amends
where possible, for wrong, but pray,
– for God’s full pardon none can pay,
procured by Christ on that good day;
and with his Spirit’s help his way
you’ll walk, in freedom, loving all
these precious guidelines, firm foundation.
So study his communication
beneficial, – you’ll not fall,
as I did into deadly thrall.”

based on passages like Proverbs 1:1-19; 4:1-17

The Great Delusion

“Everyone believes it! – it must be true!”
“Scientists have proven it!”
– No!, that they cannot do!
some may feel that it fits quite well,
and quite determined now to tell
you that it must be so,
– “the missing facts we soon will know” –
they say.
But many know the evidence,
fits very well, and makes good sense,
with words of God that he made all,
but then withdrew some good control,
when people he’d created chose
to live rejecting his good laws.
There now will one day have to be
removal of all wickedness,
and then his skill supreme we’ll see,
as all is healed, works perfectly.

So, what’s concluded, who’s deluded?
Their theory makes no demands,
[– keep fit, no morals, no commands],
– an easier life? but is it true?
God says we all are in his view,
and he’s amazed, amused, and sad,
that many think that he is bad    ,
– in kindness, he will urge, provide,
and welcomes all who will decide
to search him out, and swallow pride.

Sowing and Reaping

Sowing kindness, love and care,
patience, willingness to share;

sowing selfishness and greed,
no concern for those in need.

‘As you sow, so you will reap’:
And we weep,
negligence regretting, –
not forgetting
thoughtless actions,
and omissions.

God, in Christ, can pardon failure,
help us in our future
his kind loving.

The Seasons, and provision

Through the winter’s cold and snows,
trees are leafless, nothing grows,
– God has promised he will bring,
welcome warmth, return of spring!
DOWN come the showers,
UP come the flowers,
peas, fruit, potatoes
and crops the farmer grows!

Times of famine, time to share
all God gives, if we can spare,
we can help those who need more,
if we’ve plenty in our store.

Now it’s autumn, and we’re glad
for the harvest we have had,
crops, potatoes, wheat have grown,
– thank the Lord for kindness shown.
Tune: Jesus loves me

alternative ending for chorus:
OUT soon, the ploughers!
give thanks for all the food!

or,  if revert to last 2 lines of verse tune
peas, tomatoes, apples, wheat,
– so much food for us to eat!