Dread or Desire

What the wicked dreads will overtake him;
what the righteous desire will be granted.
Proverbs 10:24 (also vv.25, 27-30)

All wickedness brings secret dread;
though perpetrators seem content,
can’t see with certainty ahead –
exposure or revenge prevent.

Their hopes will one day come to naught.
God’s ways, and laws which will protect
those who his righteousness have sought,
will ruin those who Him reject.

But those who seek his righteousness,
desire what’s good, in patience wait;
they will receive, – God’s faithfulness
will grant their blessed eternal state.

How wonderful when dread is gone,
replaced with wholesome, good desires:
a wicked heart transformed by God
and now to righteousness aspires.

Free Speech – annoying, hurting?

A law against offending speech,
and written words, but aren’t we each
offended every day by this, or that,
or in some other way?
Where draw the line, resort to law?
for words may yet respect restore
to different stance – may be, perchance,
preferred to ignorance of others’ views and news …?

and what of empty words of anger,
those swear words that give voice to temper?
their meaning, origin may be unknown
to one who’s safety-valve has blown,
but to a listener (reader) may
cause hurt, distaste, – no law can say
you must desist, but sensitivity
can train the tongue to care and courtesy.

Calls of Wisdom and Folly

Wisdom calls, with much to give –
“food” enriching, “wine” to live,
understanding to discern:
ways of peace and safety learn.

Folly’s call is loud, with glitter,
sweet attractions that turn bitter,
thrills unlawful (others pay), –
ignorance can’t stay away.

Wisdom calls aloud in the street … whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm. Proverbs 1:20,33 and ch.9