Remembrance Sunday Hymn

Galatians 1:3-5
So many have, in war, been willing
to lose their lives in hateful killing
to safeguard freedom for their nation:
we still need deeper liberation.

Christ gave himself to set us free
deliver from this tyranny
of sin and troubles, sorrow’s pain,
and pluck us from existence vain.

He drew the fire of judgement due
upon our sins, — we could not do
a thing to save ourselves, nor yet
deliver others, pay their debt.

Now free to live as God intended —
with daily grace and peace provided,
awaiting full relief and bliss
to ever praise where nought’s amiss.


1 Corinthians 10:24 Romans 14:19 Philippians 2:4
If we look around us, feeling quite depressed,
feeling we’re hard done by, worse off than the rest;
if we stop to ponder, think more carefully, –
we will see that everyone needs sympathy.
Thank the LORD for all he’s given,
trust him, shelter in his care, and wait for heaven;
pray, submit, with joy believe,
’Til we’re free from troubles, we can grace receive.

If we look around us, feeling very cross,
– inconvenienced often, caused financial loss,
yet ourselves not guiltless, – better turn and do
unto others what you’d have them do to you.

When we look around us, do we look to see
‘Who could do with help?’ and ‘Has God work for me?’
Are we living solely for our own desires?
Is it joy to know and do what Christ requires?

Tune: 65 65 65 65 + Swanwick by William T Meyer (tune of ‘There’s a work for Jesus’)

Church in danger

Revelation 3: 14-22
Hungry for the wielded sword,
relevant, rebuking Word,
boldly, lovingly applied,
nurturing each needy child.

Are we rich, or wretched, blind?
Preacher, say what’s on your mind:
be specific, make us search
each ourselves, – and as a church.

Searching hearts and thoughts, God’s Word
we must search, and seek our Lord –
buying gold, and salve to see,
growing, changing willingly.

Don’t pretend; we cannot bear
false assessment, hollow prayer.
Minor ailments left alone,
will soon lethally have grown.

You are free to disagree,
if you argue biblically;
but our church must move ahead, –
grow in grace, or soon lie dead.