Comforted and comforting

Humdrum days can hum with praise,
lonely time becomes sublime
when, by God’s salvation blest,
Jesus comes to be my Guest.

Come to me, my honoured Lord,
Come my Saviour, keep your Word.
Come to strengthen in the Way,
be my Comforter today.

Body frail, but Christ won’t fail,
may I cheer those who come near,
praying for the needs around,
for the grace in Jesus found.
Tune: 77 77+ Christ receiveth by James McGranahan
377 Grace

Love for God

For you know I love you, Saviour,
know I love you, mighty Lord;
love you more than any other
thing I ever have adored:
this bears witness,
this bears witness
to your work upon my soul.

From where came these new desires?
What gives life to heart and mind?
Things I once despised, I long for, –
and delighted when I find.
Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus,
this is all what you have done.

Glory is the goal I aim for,
holy heaven, happy home;
mighty Holy Spirit made me
child of God, and bids me come;
and I want to,
and I want to
serve and worship God above.

This song is a loose translation of a Welsh hymn,
“’Rwy’n dy garu, Ti a’i gwyddost” by William Williams, Pantycelyn

Glad to go to church

cf. Psalm 122
Tired of godlessness and spite,
longing for the place of light,
fellowship, and words of God:
foretaste of the home ahead.

Place of strength and unity,
place of peace and purity,
place of love, forgiveness, grace:
shadow of that heavenly place.

For its safety pray, its peace
(all divisiveness to cease);
worship and prosperity,
comfort and security.

Do I love Christ?

John 21:15-25
Do you love me?
Lord, you know:
and you probe my heart right through:
seeing, not just mind’s assent,
feelings warm, and thoughts well-meant,
but a love obedient, longing
more like yours to labour, growing;
wholly bowing to my Master,
knowing there is no-one greater,
giving you the glory, honour.

“Follow me! prepared to suffer,
Feed my sheep with care, be tender.”