“Repent and believe the good news”

Away from all that’s wrong and harms,
turn back to God, his welcoming arms.
Good news! he’s drawing near to save –
repent, receive, his words believe,

The kingdom, rule of Christ is here,
he came to teach of love and fear,
he came to take the punishment
of all who would receive, repent.

The time is now, Jesus still calls,
there’s so much news that grieves, appals,
but he brought news that’s truly good.
Don’t miss the blessings of this Word.

A tax collector, fishermen
perceived the truth and followed him
to learn the message – later on
they’d take it out to everyone.
Tune: LM

Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said, “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:14,15

Answering your heart!

When irritations, groans arise,
you hear your heart complain –
rebuff its voice with thinking wise
to trust and hope again.

Remind your soul of all you have
received from God through life.
Remember all the help he gave
in struggles and in grief.

So, give yourself a ‘talking-to’!
Above all else, delight
in all that Jesus came to do
to save you from sin’s plight.

cf Psalm 42:5
Tune: CM eg Brother James’ Air (one of the tunes of’The Lord’s my Shepherd’) or Amazing Grace etc

‘Yearning’ is a sign of life

A plastic flower does not yearn
for water and the sun,
and if our spirit knows God’s touch
it’s life has just begun –
a life that yearns to know God more,
a life that yearns for heaven’s shore.

A heart that yearns that others come
experience joy so true,
and loves to share with those who have
enjoyed salvation too,
knows family relationship
with those who taste God’s fellowship.

The thing most wonderful of all
is that God yearns for me
that I drink from what he provides
– my love, he loves to see.
‘Oh, help me not forget and slide
away from you, my wise, good Guide!’

Tune: 86 86 88