“I am sending you.”

John 20:19-23
The Father sent his Son to save, –
he died and rose up from the grave;
and his disciples he then sent
his pardoning message to present.

And with his Spirit they should go
so many more of grace would know:
then some the purchased gift would choose,
forgiveness others would refuse.

Mary Magdalene

John 20:1-18
She wept ’til the dawning
of joy in the morning.
The corpse had gone missing,
and while she was guessing,
and all seemed confusing,
her Saviour was standing,
and gently commanding.

Momentous occasion, –
a real resurrection,
the pivot of history,
and everything’s changed.

Seeing the meaning

John 19:30, 31, 34-37
They kept the rules, but scorned the truth
those rules were meant to teach
of heart pollution, need of grace
(atoning blood to reach).

The flow of blood, the cleansing stream
when Christ had all fulfilled –
the price paid fully to redeem,
as God, in grace, had willed.

A huge bill paid

Jesus cried out again in a loud voice.” Matthew 27:50
“ It is finished.”
John 19:30
So much guilt, –
whom should I pay?
how can I make amends?

Your debt is huge
to God today,
too vast the bill he sends.

But Jesus cries –
the work is done!
completed on the cross!

This Friday’s good!
the suffering Son
mercy secured for us!

Two Looks from Jesus

(Luke 22:61; 24:34)
Christ looked at Peter, caught his eye,
and Peter saw, and wept.
For things like this, Christ had to die:
he sees my sin and debt.

When he had paid the price for sin,
he rose, and Peter saw
his look of grace so welcoming
that will forgive, restore.

on Psalm 119

Who but fools
ignore the rules
the Maker chose.
(He knows
these rules are wise.)
We prove
and prize
them, love
their every part.
Real comfort,
joy of heart
within the boundaries of his law
– no dreary chore:
but satisfying ways,
upwelling praise
of him who taught me,
whose mercy caught me.

No life ‘confined’,
– our health of mind,
and body, benefit,
in doing things righteous:
such duties delight us.

Christ paid;
my judgement laid
upon him,
suffered for my sake.
When I repented
(– real, not fake),
forgiveness granted,
and thankful liberty now felt.
Unfettered by infertile guilt,
nor sterile faint remorse:
the attractive force
of sin repelled,
and quelled;
– my will, desire,
have been created new,
igniting energy
for living by his statutes true.
My mind, my feet may wander:

Curtail, impress, and draw me back,
and nothing will I lack,
no blame
– peace, happiness, no shame,
and braced, prepared
for life’s complexity,
applying ways of purity.

‘Billions of years’ ???

‘Millions of years’ – who says?
‘Billions of years’ – who knows?
There aren’t any ways to test
these ages, but why have they guessed
that there haven’t been changes in the rate
of reactions they use to fix the date?
The rocks show us creatures suddenly smothered
in silt, and engulfed in mud, and covered.
And aeons of time
won’t create design:
no statistical gamble
with molecular jumble
produces a programme,
the genes of a human.

Romans 7

Romans 7
Defeated often, wretched, sad.
How can I conquer sin, be glad?
God’s law is my delight.
Thanks be to God, there is a way,
for Christ will glorify one day,
receive me into Light.

He strengthens, teaches, sanctifies,
and though my spirit often sighs,
I am regenerate.
So I must persevere and pray
for power to conquer, walk his way,
my Father supplicate.

We must be importunate when
we feel defeated by our sin,
– grace for our time of need:
‘Come, fill me with your Spirit, Lord,
and teach my by your holy Word’,
my Saviour’s name I plead.

So mortify, make battle on
the sinful nature’s deeds so wrong:
we need not sin obey.
With Christ we’re resurrected, so
in grace and knowledge we may grow;
we do enjoy his way.
Tune: 886 886 eg Buddugoliaeth by G W Hughes

The Law of God and His Grace

Eternal sovereign God alone
can holiness define.
The perfect One himself has shown
the standard, that standard now is mine.

His law accused us all, each one,
accused us of our sin;
and threatened punishment must come:
God’s justice, – soon justice he would bring.

But God can make the dead anew,
alive in Christ, forgiven;
their debt all paid, sin hid from view,
They’ve access, –  I’ve access now to heaven.

The Christian loves God’s law – desires
in holiness to grow;
towards the standard high aspires
while granted, I’m granted life below.

And when I know I’ve failed, I’m grieved,
and sorry for my sin;
by grace I’ve for my good received
God’s perfect, his perfect discipline.
Tune: eg Diadem