Hung on the gallows he built for another

H, by King X to honour was raised,
H, by King X was empowered and praised;
but H was so angry that M wouldn’t bow,
‘Vengeance on all of the Jews’ – his vow.

H had a sizable gallows made,
confidant that the King X he’d persuade
to let him hang M (as his wife was suggesting);
– that night, X was wakeful – instead of him resting,

he asked that the book of his reign they would bring –
they read how a plot on the life of the King
had been heard and reported by M, but that naught
had been done to show praise for assassins caught.

‘What shall be done for the one whom I ought
to honour’, the King asked, and H proudly thought
‘He must mean for me!’ and suggested he dress
that one in a robe, ride a royal king’s horse,

and lead him throughout all the city proclaiming
‘This man is honoured’ – H heard the king naming
M as the man who by H must be led
(not hung on his gallows, but favoured instead!).

When Esther made known the plot H had devised
to destroy all her people, X’s anger was roused,
H then fell upon her to plead for his life,
but X, when he thought H assaulting his wife,

grew even more angry – the gallows H made
was used for himself, and a lesson conveyed
that malice and pride, though they hate, will instead
one day bring their schemes down upon their own head!

based on the story of the book of Esther in the Bible (especially 2:19-8:17), when some of the Jews had been allowed to return to their land, but some were still in Persia.
X=Xerxes, M=Mordecai, H=Haman

Children’s evening song

Upstairs I wander, sleepily wonder,
“What will tomorrow bring?”
I turn off the light, to rest for the night,
and think of my heavenly King.

“Keep me, protect me, never reject me,
Forgive all my foolish sins,
I trust in the Saviour, improve my behaviour,
my heart of your glory sings.”

“When it is morning, while I am yawning,
stretching, or getting dressed,
please help me remember, my King to consider,
and pray to be richly blessed.”
Tune: Y Darlun by Davey Davies

and for children

Everyone who knows the Lord,
and is now a child of God,
God’s own Spirit dwells within:
he is holy, hating sin.

Changes in our lives he’ll make:
holy fruit for Jesu’s sake.
Love and joy and peace all grow
in each one that God loves so.

Patience, kindness, faithfulness,
(happy, when we’re more like this)
gentleness and self-control,
humbly doing good to all.


Little bit will turn the horse,
little rudder sets the course,
spark sets forest all aflame, –
tiny tongue is hard to tame!
Sh! are you lying?
Sh! cross or fooling?
Sh! God is hearing:
let Jesus hold your tongue!

Drink is spoiled by poison drop.
Does your tongue know when to stop?
Little words can harm or hurt,–-
just like arrows, germs, or dirt.
Tune: 77 77 +   ‘Jesus loves me’ by W B Bradbury

The Seasons, and provision

Through the winter’s cold and snows,
trees are leafless, nothing grows,
– God has promised he will bring,
welcome warmth, return of spring!
DOWN come the showers,
UP come the flowers,
peas, fruit, potatoes
and crops the farmer grows!

Times of famine, time to share
all God gives, if we can spare,
we can help those who need more,
if we’ve plenty in our store.

Now it’s autumn, and we’re glad
for the harvest we have had,
crops, potatoes, wheat have grown,
– thank the Lord for kindness shown.
Tune: Jesus loves me

alternative ending for chorus:
OUT soon, the ploughers!
give thanks for all the food!

or,  if revert to last 2 lines of verse tune
peas, tomatoes, apples, wheat,
– so much food for us to eat!

Bible characters

We’ve learnt in the Bible
how many were brave,
and knew God’s forgiveness,
for Jesus could save;
they trusted, and worshipped,
and thought about heaven,
and shared all the good things
that they had been given.

Even me! even me!
I can trust him and pray.
Even me! even me!
I can be kind today.
This world will be better
if I do my part.
Oh, Jesus please help me,
and live in my heart!

You’ve heard about Abraham,      (or, Abram, and)
Moses and Paul,
but maybe not Anna,
or Caleb at all:
so many had courage
through faith in the Lord,
to do what was right,
and to live by his Word.

The 10 Commandments

Deuteronomy 5:22
Proclaimed by God in a voice so loud
to the whole assembly there, –
on the mountain out of the fire and cloud
and he added nothing more.
Mighty LORD their God who brought them out,
out of Egypt’s slavery:
He is holy, holy, holy and he gives
perfect law of liberty.

This almighty God – has he rescued me
from the slavery of sin?
As I live each day, breathe and talk & see
do I praise creation’s King?

LORD, Jehovah God, true and infinite, –
whose position is supreme.
Who can stand before all his glory bright?
Jesus Christ came to redeem.

No deserving of such a plan of grace,
bringing mercy to mankind,
If he had not shown us his holiness,
to our plight we would be blind.

We have broken all these commandments ten –
they reveal our hearts’ deep sins.
Jesus Christ has kept every one of them, –
and redemptive grace he brings.

So through faith in Christ, gift of righteousness
comes to all who will believe.
be convicted of your foolishness,
fear him and grace receive.

Tune: 10 7 10 7+ eg Grace Divine by W H Doane

The call of Wisdom

Proverbs 1:20,22,23,32,33; 3:13,14 & Jas.4:8
Wisdom calls for all to hear, –
precious warnings loud and clear.
Would you rather turn away, –
follow folly day by day?

Foolish friends will draw you on,
try to carry you along.
Word of God alone is true:
listen! for it calls to you.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
full of wisdom, living Word;
Prophet who reveals God’s truth;
Guide and Counsellor of youth.

Wisdom’s Source, before all time,
with the Father, and divine.
See his power and skill displayed
in the wonders God has made.

Greatest wonder, gracious plan:
truth incarnate saving man.
Jesus Christ was crucified:
Life in him, the Lamb who died.

Wisdom calls and offers grace,
loudly calls in every place.
Do you hear Christ? Will you heed?
One day he’ll no longer plead.

Draw near, and pray

Man can come to God almighty,
draw near and pray;
holy God of love and pity,
draw near and pray;
caring God, not weak or distant,
God of grace, though so important,
calling all to come, repentant,
draw near and pray.

He’s the God who made and formed me,
how dare I come?
he’s the God who now sustains me,
how dare I come?
All my strength and power is weakness,
infinite his glorious greatness,
for his presence I’ve no fitness,
how dare I come?

Christ is worthy of all favour
worthy to pray.
Those receiving him by faith are
welcomed to pray.
Jesus is the way to heaven,
all who love him are forgiven,
we can come to him as bidden,
draw near and pray.

Abraham, and Moses, Daniel,
drew near and prayed.
David, Solomon, Ezekiel,
drew near and prayed.
So with fear, and awe, amazement,
humbly, trustingly, repentant,
benefit from grace abundant, –
draw near and pray.
Tune: Ar hyd y nos

Young thoughts

34 Items of song and verse:

Uniquely Important
It’s the greatest message, and it’s true.
It’s for all the world, – and for me and you.
It’s about the greatest King – and why,
Why King Jesus came to die.

So why was he born in Bethlehem?
and why did he teach and heal, and then
just why did he let them kill him, – why?
To rescue me, he had to die.

Now Jesus lives, come follow him,
for the greatest love from the greatest King,
with sins forgiven – God’s news is this –
an offer that’s too great to miss.
Tune of ‘He’s got the whole wide world in his hands’

The Universe and the Earth (Psalm 19:1)
The heavens declare your glory, Lord,
the sun and stars of power and light;
by telescopes observed, explored,
superb, magnificent the sight.

And if man travelled far in space,
how marvellous the things he’d see,
but yet he wouldn’t find a place
where he could live so easily:

Protected from those harmful rays,
with air in plentiful supply,
for earth and sky to God give praise,
and Christ, the Saviour glorify.
Tune: LM eg Fulda

Who can we trust?
Many people say what they think is true.
Many people think they know what’s good to do.
How can we find out then whether they are right?
God himself can help us, – his Word is Light.

When we know our God and we know his Word,
we can think about those other things we’ve heard.
Test what people say by what you know is true:
God’s own Words, the Bible, he’s given you.

You must listen well to your teachers all;
and obey your parents, – all their words recall.
You must try to do whatever things they say,
but in all remember, God’s Words obey.
Tune: 10 11 10 11 Jesus bids us shine by E O Excell

God’s Word is the best Word
that the world has ever, ever heard.
People talk such nonsense –
you can check what’s true to God’s clear Word.
So keep clear of what you know it’s wrong.
Pray for help, say ‘No!’, don’t go along:
Stay with those who follow
words of God, – the best words ever,
the world has ever,
has ever ever
Tune: Flintstones

Super Heroes
No ‘super-boy’ or ‘super-man’
can save us from our sin.
Before the universe began
our Jesus was the King!
Don’t be afraid, don’t be dismayed!
be sorry for your sin!
though in real life there’s problems, strife,
we have a Saviour-King.

God made it all, the universe,
he made it all so well.
Man sinned, and then got worse and worse,
deserving wrath and hell.

And Jesus, who is God and man,
has suffered, so I may
now ask forgiveness, and he can
look after me today!

And evil Satan trouble makes,
but Jesus is still King,
so Satan’s power he stops and breaks,
and soon will punish him!
Tune: CM+ God Sees by S W Straub

Miracles: Fact and Fiction
There’s a God who can do mighty wonders,
and his miracles show he’s King;
all his purposes will be accomplished:
he is sovereign over everything.
King of heaven, King of heaven,
King of kings on earth, for King of all;
King of heaven, King of heaven,
King of earth, for King of all.

When Elijah asked help of the widow,
she had almost no food to eat,
but God promised that he would supply her,
and his servant’s every need he’d meet.

But in stories of magic or fancy,
often evil’s confused with good;
things aren’t sure to turn out as they’re meant to,
or won’t stop their working when they should.

For this God is supreme and he knows us;
what he says we must try to do.
He is holy, and loving, – so trust him:
he is everywhere, and cares for you!
Tune: Sing Hosanna!

Not just hearing
To Jesus, Judas came,
to hear God’s Word and learn;
but what he did makes clear
he chose God’s Word to spurn.
Be always “doers of the word
not hearers only”, O take heed;
the Word of God is meant to be obeyed.

Do we do all we can
to hear and learn God’s Word?
But more, take heed and do
what there we’ve seen and heard?
Tune: Gospel Grace 6666 88 by James McGranahan

In your heart you feel a pull of pride,
a powerful pull of pride,
from way deep down inside.
In your heart you feel a pull of pride,
to please yourself, forget your God.

Some are taught the way they should behave,
they fairly well behave,
but don’t ask God to save.
Some are taught the way they should behave,
but still their hearts are full of pride.

God can change a proud and stubborn heart,
can recreate that heart,
a humble life to start.
God can change a proud and stubborn heart, –
to pride it still can slip and slide!
tune of ‘In my heart there rings a melody’ (Scripture Union Choruses)

Jesus sends his Spirit
King Jesus has died,
King Jesus has risen,
and now he is living in heaven. (repeat all 3 lines)

He promised to give
his Spirit to live
with everyone who will believe. (repeat first 3 lines)

His Spirit can teach,
his Spirit can change me,
and help me to live as he likes. (repeat all 3 lines)

Whoever believes,
his Spirit receives,
his Spirit is holy and good. (repeat 3 lines above)
Tune: of ‘My God is so big’

Peer Pressure
Your life can be tidy
or messed up with weeds,
if bad things take root
you’ll be spreading bad seeds.

And people around you
can draw you to live
forgetful of kindness,
of God, and his love

Laziness and Influence (Proverbs 24:30–34)
Fold your hands a little,
don’t put your things away:
your bedroom, hardly noticed,
gets messy day by day.

Fold your hands a little,
don’t keep a soldier’s watch:
your enemy will trip you,
your thoughts he’ll deftly catch.

Laziness and slumber
about God’s will and Word:
our lives grow messy, weedy,
not pleasing to the Lord.

How are you affecting
your schoolfriends by your seeds?
Are you spreading goodness,
or are you spreading weeds?

What needs tidying?
Depth of muddle in your drawer:
can’t find what your looking for!
Quite amazing what you find,
buried underneath, behind!

Muddled thoughts, pretence and lies:
no-one trusts your shifty eyes.
People know you want to hide
what you’re really like inside.

Truthfulness will make you friends,
and will please the God who sends
peace, and help and happiness.
Tidy up your secret mess!

Feeling better when your drawer
looks much better than before,
and when conscience does not prod:
nothing hidden now from God!

Railway journey?
My life is like a railway, –
I travel on each day.
The bit that’s gone before now
for ever’s passed away.
I can’t go back,
so help me spend
my time much better ’til the end.
Yesterday won’t come back,
life is like a railtrack.
‘Now’ is passing quickly, soon it’s gone,
then tomorrow comes, – the track goes on.

I don’t know how much further:
– it’s fun to play and learn
and if I waste this morning,
‘today’ cannot return.
There’s heaps to do,
you’re never bored,
when Jesus is your Guard and Lord.
Yesterday won’t come back,
life is like a railtrack.
‘Now’ is passing quickly, soon it’s gone,
then tomorrow comes, – the track goes on.

Tune: ‘Tenderness’ by Adoniram J Gordon 397 Grace (‘O the love that sought me!)

Envy (Proverbs 14:30)
Little wriggly caterpillars,
eating what is good, –
growing bigger, stronger,
as they eat their food.
Envy creeps around me, –
makes another hole, –
makes me useless, ugly,
damages my soul!

The King
God is King over all.
His plan he won’t fail to perform:
Though men are so guilty,
and don’t do they’re duty,
God is King over all.

God is King over all.
He’s chosen to save men from sin.
Eternally planning
for Jesus’ coming:
God is King over all.

God is King over all.
He’s forming a people for Life:
His Spirit will draw them,
Christ died to redeem them;
God is King over all.

God is King over all:
he’s promised to save when we call.
Then truly be sorry,
and ask for his mercy;
God is King over all.
Tune of ‘God is still on the throne’ lines 1-4 and last line.

The Christian Journey
A journey through hostile terrain,
adventures and dangers galore
God’s Word will protect, and explain
the way to survival, and more.

The traps are exposed and revealed,
and places where pits are concealed,
for those unprepared will soon slip,
and wandering, stumble and trip.

So look where you walk, wide awake,
for some of the signposts are fake,
and people give dangerous advice, –
to paths that seem pleasant and nice.

But if you have read and have heard
the teaching of Jesus’ Word,
you won’t be deceived, taken in
with ease, into dangerous sin.

Such things leave you sore, and they lead
away from the heaven you need.
Press on with God’s help in his ways,
supported, fulfilled all your days.

The team of the Lord will succeed,
his name and protection they plead.
Through hostile environment lies
the way to eternity’s prize.

New Life
New life in Jesus Christ, God’s Lamb;
new birth the Spirit gives,
that stream to quench our soul’s great thirst
within each Christian lives.
Eternal life, abundant life,
real happiness we’ll know,
if we repent, and we receive,
if Jesu’s way we’ll go.

We do not understand, we’re blind,
until God makes us see,
Christ rose again, so he can give
this life to you and me.
Tune: CM+ God Sees by S W Straub

7 Days in a week
Every week has 7 days,
and the 1st is Sunday:
day of rest and day to praise:
learn to live in God’s way.
Every week, 7 days,
but the best is Sunday:
come to church and Sunday School, –

learn to live in God’s way.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday come,
then it’s Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, and everyone
then has need of Sunday.
Tune: 76 76 + eg Doane by William H Doane, but I think I sing it as four crochets to each bar rather than crochet, quaver, crochet, quaver so making it a more ‘march-like’ tune!

Proverbs 4:20-27
Life flows from the heart,
guiding lips and eyes, –
what to say and do,
what is good and wise.

Purify your heart,
guard it well each day,
let it cleanse your lips,
keep you in the way.

Greed Proverbs 23:20,29,30,32
Many things that seem all right,
have a hidden sting or bite,
can ensnare you, draw away
from the Lord: beware and pray!

Don’t be greedy when you dine;
never linger over wine,
thinking it’s just harmless fun
taking many another one.

For intoxicating drink
can impair your power to think,
wasting money, wasting time:
so ‘beware’ of beer and wine!

Christmas Day
On the 25th December,
are you going to remember
God sent Jesus Christ as Saviour
What a wonderful gift!

Boys and girls of every nation,
can receive His great salvation,
so the most important question –
have you got this great gift?
Tune of ‘Jesus’ love is very wonderful’ (first two words of last line fit to ‘O’ of that song’s last line)

God’s children live like …
Each one who is a born-again believer in the Lord,
who’s tasted of salvation, and loves God’s precious Word,
for Jesus he must talk,
in Jesu’s ways must walk,
remembering that from sinful ways he now has been restored.

Each one who is a born-again believer in the Lord,
who’s tasted of salvation, and loves God’s precious Word,
must form a friendship deep,
with those who try to keep
God’s ways the old and young by whom the Saviour is adored.

Each one who is a born-again believer in the LORD,
who’s tasted of salvation, and loves God’s precious Word,
should friendly be to all,
but constantly recall,
God’s people should be set apart, to sin they should not fall.
Tune of ‘I’m inright, outright, upright, downright”

Everyone, everywhere should remember God.
Everyone, everywhere should live as he’s said.
Come to trust him, live his way,
honour him in what you say,
he will be your Friend each day.
Life is good with God.

concerning the stories of Rev W Awdry
But what do railway engines do
when feeling full of pride?
Each one who’s proud soon looks a fool.
It always seems to be a rule:
The proud to shame will slide.

And what do railway engines do
when they don’t want to work ?
It’s not just passengers and boss
who find that trouble comes and loss, –
Work well and never shirk.

And when they’re feeling cross, – or find
trucks don’t do what they should –
bad temper brings but problems more,
and nasty talk makes others sore. –
Wise words can do much good.

Do railway engines ever lie,
attempting to deceive?
And is that way a happy way,
or should they really always say –
“The truthful joys receive.”

And railway engines must take care:
instructions they must heed,
and not forget to watch the track. –
On good advice don’t turn your back,
and watch your every deed.

Steam engines run to Sodor’s Isle,
afraid of scrap-heap doom.
To whom can boys and girls now turn,
when of their sin and need they learn? –
The LORD has ample room!
Proverbs 4:26,27; 10:26; 12:15; 12:22;13:4; 15:1; 15:18;
6:18; 18:10; 20:17 Matthew 26:41
Tune: 86 886 Child Service by H E Button

Prayer for teachers
God almighty, be among us,
help our teachers teach your Word.
Help each one of us to listen,
and to learn of Christ, the Lord.

God, almighty, still speak to us,
help us think about your Word;
and at home make us remember
things of Jesus that we’ve heard.
Tune: 87.87 ‘Sussex’

Do not hinder
Boys and girls all need to know
what the Bible says, for so
they can learn who made us all,
and for love and mercy call.
God, the Creator;
Christ, the Redeemer,
for any sinner:
that gospel we must tell.

Jesus said, “Let children come;
do not hinder anyone”;
we must know our Bible well,
if God’s truth we want to tell

Children need God’s law to know,
all their duty we must show;
though the world may love to sin,
they are blessed who walk with him.
Tune: 77 77 and refrain e.g. ‘Jesus Loves Me!’ by W B Bradbury

on Roger Hargreaves’ stories
Mr Silly, Mr Nosey,
Mr Lazy, Mr Noisy,
Mr Greedy, Mr Messy;
– What kind of person are you? (or, ‘am I?’)

Mr Muddle, Mr mean,
Mr Slow, or Daytime-Dream,
Chatterbox, or Mr Bump;
– What kind of person are you? (or, ‘am I?’)

Christ can help you (me) put things right,
he is near you (me) day and night,
do you (I) want with all your (my) might
– his kind of person to be?
Tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’

Christmas time
Jesus, Lord of heaven and earth,
though so great had humble birth.
Nailed upon the cross to die,
rose again great King on high.
Praise him for coming,
praise him for dying,
praise him for rising,
and trust him day by day.

Don’t just think of presents, fun,
think of Jesus Christ, God’s Son,
praise him, trust him, and obey, –
he will come again one day.

Through the whole 12 months so long,
praise him with a daily song;
Jesus Christ can help and hear
three six five days every year.
Tune: 77 77 and refrain ‘Jesus Loves me’ by W B Bradbury

for the very young
1.God is very great; (repeat the 1st line in every verse)
He made the tree, He made the bee:
God is very great.

God is very good;
and he wants me like him to be.
God is very good.

God wants me to pray,
and say I’m sorry when I’ve been naughty.
God wants me to pray.

Jesus came to save:
To teach and die, his love supply,
Jesus came to save.

Jesus, King in heaven,
can make you new, and help you through:
Jesus, King in heaven.
Tune: of ‘God is good to me’

2.Trust him, trust him, turn to him and trust him:
Christ, God’s Son, saving One;
trust him, trust him, turn to him and trust him:
mercy’s Word can be heard.

Ask him, ask him, turn to him and ask him,
“Lord, forgive, make me live.”
Ask him, ask him, turn to him and ask him,
God is near, he can hear.
Tune: 10 6.10 6 ‘He is Love’ by E R Bailey (tune of ‘Praise him, praise him, all ye little children’)

3.The Lord made the flowers, the moon, and the sun;
and all little babies, He forms them each one.
For no-one but God could create everything,
and still He’s controlling, He’s caring, He’s King.
tune: Away in a manger

4.There were 5000 men;
there was 1 small lad:
5 small loaves and 2 fish he had;
and he gave them to Jesus, and all were fed
with abundance of fish and bread.
Jesus is a mighty King,
loving, just;
he created everything:
we can trust.

Learn to trust him more and more
every day.
Faith grows stronger than before
as you pray.

5.God’s book is the Bible –
the words we all need;
so sit very still as
we carefully read.

It shows us God’s truth:
it’s a lamp and a light;
the Bible will teach us
the way that is right.
Tune: 11 11 11 11 ‘Away in a manger’ by W J Kirkpatrick

6.Who is God of all creation?
Little children, have you heard?
He is calling us to know him,
and he’ll teach us, hear his Word.
It is good to know about him,
it is good to know his way,
it is good to know about him, –

hear the Words of God today.

Each of us has lived so badly;
God is holy, true and good;
leave all wrong, come he will help you,
help you live the way you should.

Trust in Jesus Christ, the Saviour,
Son of God – for sin he died.
He is living, – those who trust him
know their Friend is at their side.
Tune: 87 87 D e.g.’All the way’ by R Lowry