Troubles Rock

When your life is shaken,
feeling bruised and broken,
never lost, forsaken,
though your life is shaken.

From despair you’re lifted
though by Satan sifted,
faith, by God is gifted:
from despair you’re lifted.

Jesus says he’s praying
when he sees you straying,
tempted, disobeying,
Jesus still is praying.

Let him succour, leading
in his shelter feeding,
as he’s interceding,
let him succour, leading.

Tune: 66 66 trochaic eg Ravenshaw (tune of ‘Lord, Thy word abideth’)

Prayer in deep suffering

Deep and bitter suffering
some may have to bear;
seemingly no lessening,
though there’s hope in prayer.

‘Lord, you know our turmoil;
Lord, you know my heart;
for your praise and glory,
sovereign grace impart.’

‘Lord, don’t let me suffer
more than I can bear;
help my father, mother
who my sufferings share.’

‘If you raise or take me, –
yours must be the choice,
more like Jesus make me, –
I will yet rejoice.’

‘If to health I’m raised, Lord,
by your will and Word,
may your name be praised, Lord,
men to faith be stirred.’

‘If to your dear presence
I am soon to come,
give me blest dependence
as you take me home.

‘Help them trust your purpose,
help them trust your will,
help them in your service,
as they labour still.

‘Thank you for salvation, (repeat last 4 lines of tune) 
thank you for your love,
help and preservation
comfort from above.’

‘Jesus you’re my Saviour, (repeat last 4 lines of tune) 
Shepherd, Master, Friend,
Soon I’ll know and wonder,
praise will never end.’
Tune: 65 65 65 65 eg Goshen by Marchel Davis

Two old people

Acknowledged just, and to his God
devoted, – Spirit holy
upon him – in his heart indwelling
(communing, teaching, and compelling);

so for Messiah’s coming waiting:
fulfilling occupation of all his latter days.

Anna, serving night and day,
gave her final years to pray;
saw and told of Mary’s son:
longed-for Saviour now had come.

Comforted and comforting

Humdrum days can hum with praise,
lonely time becomes sublime
when, by God’s salvation blest,
Jesus comes to be my Guest.

Come to me, my honoured Lord,
Come my Saviour, keep your Word.
Come to strengthen in the Way,
be my Comforter today.

Body frail, but Christ won’t fail,
may I cheer those who come near,
praying for the needs around,
for the grace in Jesus found.
Tune: 77 77+ Christ receiveth by James McGranahan
377 Grace