One in Seven

The factories would close
on Saturday –
and so no smoke arose
on Sunday,
the furnaces shut down,
the atmosphere cleared,
and they could see that far-off tower
on Sunday,
’til Monday.

as smuts and smoke,
our ears surround
all week,
which clog and choke
our thoughts,
cloud vision,
a day of rest and worship
can still provide
that opportunity
for mist and murk
to clear, subside
from mind and soul,
and we can view afresh
our aims and far-off goal.

Weekly Holiday

All long for a day free to fill
with nothing – or whims of their will,
– so often depressing,
the emptiness pressing –
God’s precepts can satisfy still:

A day set apart for a break
from tread-mill of pressures and work,
remember our Maker,
rejoice in our Saviour,
refreshed for another new week.

A day that has purpose and ease,
not aiming good pleasures to seize ,
but reading his scriptures
– not wearisome strictures –
brings liberating power to please.

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.” Exodus 20:8-10

Three Festivals of Celebration

One day in every seven days,
right from the world’s creation,
a pause from work for rest and praise
– a weekly celebration.*

Then Israel for one week each year
the exodus remembered –
out from enslavement, murder, fear –
the rescue by their Shepherd.**

Each Sunday let your joy resound
remembering redemption
– our Shepherd rescued, and we’ve found
such cause for celebration.***

[*Sabbath **Passover ***Resurrection Day]

Tune: 87 87 (Iambic) eg St Columba, tune of ‘The King of love my Shepherd is’

Sunday benefit

God blessed the sabbath – he requires
that man from work should rest.
One day kept holy he desires:
remember, and be blest.

God made it for man’s benefit,
to pause for thankfulness;
and with his people we may meet,
and grow in godliness.

We’ve time to meditate upon
God’s Words proclaimed, explained;
encourage those who trust the Son,
and share what we have gained.

When freed from work of other days,
our worship we may bring;
remember, celebrate, and praise –
how Christ redeemed from sin.

We must not cease from true concern
for all our neighbours’ needs.
Be helpful, kind; but we must spurn
unnecessary deeds.

Our Sunday is a Jubilee,
a time for joyful song;
a time for slaves to be set free.
cleansed from a life so wrong.

And only those who want to keep
their sabbath in this way,
such benefits so great can reap,
God’s honour well display.
CM ‘Arnold’s’ by S Arnold

“Sabbath Rest”

Gen.2 & Heb.1:3
God created – all complete:
finished, nothing to repeat.

Now mankind may likewise rest
from their labours, share the best
fellowship with God above:
sabbath given them in love.

Jesus saved – it’s all complete:
finished, nothing to repeat.

So, believers share his rest,
and appreciate the best
fellowship with God. They treasure
Sunday’s taste of heavenly pleasure!